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    Work is underway in the ruins of a large Mayan palace discovered in Mexico in the northeast of Yucatan, 100 miles west of Cancún. It is over 1000 years old and will become, together with neighboring areas, an attraction for visitors to this region. The ancient building in the Kulubá...
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    The article was written in Polish, but in the upper right corner there is a translator link: [MOD EDIT: Link deleted]
  3. liamsmith2013

    What primary/secondary sources can be used when writing a dissertation on Eisenhower and his engagement with the Civil Rights Movement?

    President Eisenhower is not famously known for his engagement with the Civil Rights Movement. However, upon inspection, he surprisingly contributed a significant amount to the advancement of black civil rights during his presidency. This is why I want to write my university dissertation on how...
  4. Imperia

    Weak Latin America

    As we all know, Latin America is one of the most powerful regions in the world. Home to one of the only superpowers that survived the Cold War, Brazil. It has in the South of the continent some of the most developed nations of the world like Argentina, Chile that together of the Nordic countries...
  5. K

    Week 11- is Sam better than Hispania?

    Uncle Sam, Hispania & Juan Dela Cruz are examples of personifying names given to a state or a nation. To wit, Uncle Sam refers to America, Hispania to Spain, & Juan Dela Cruz to Philippines. These are usually used in order to easily grasp or visualize the concept of a state being referred to...
  6. S

    Rarely Seen Photos Of America In The 1950’s Show American Life In The Mid-20th Centur
  7. W

    America discovered earlier

    What would have happened if the Americas had been discovered earlier, e.g. in the 13th century. By 'discovered' I mean publicly discovered with everyone to actually know about it. Maybe the caravel gets invented in the year 1200 and so it goes. By the time of European arrival in America their...
  8. R

    Why Italians were considered non Whites in America?

    Considering Italians are Europeans as well.
  9. Dose

    Spiritualism and Practice of the Occult in Latin America?

    In my most recent vid (below) I covered the rise of the Spiritualism in the US. I know in Latin America Spiritualism is still quite popular. This has been a lingering question of mine ever since I started researching for the video: Why did Spiritualism catch on in Latin America and why is it...
  10. artistauthor

    The Rise And Fall Of La Cosa Nostra in America

    Last week I bought two books dealing with the same topic- the Mafia in America- the first was the late Frederic Sondern's "Brotherhood Of Evil: The Mafia" (Panther Books, 1965) and Joseph Pistone's "Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in The Mafia"(signet Books, 1989)- the first dealt with La Cosa...
  11. Imperia

    Alternate Spanish-American War

    alternate Spanish-American War What nation besides Spain could the United States enter into war? perhaps: Portugal, uk, france, germany, italy, russia or low countries (Holland)?
  12. L

    How'd the civil rights movement compare to earlier attempts to attain black rights?

    This includes before the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, and the early to mid 1900s.
  13. O

    Napoleon creates an Empire in North America

    What if Napoleon hadn’t sold Louisiana, but had started to build up a power base there at the hight of his power (I guess that would be before the invasion of Russia?). So after a battle similar to the Battle of the Nations he evacuated there with a big part of his army. The allies could drive...
  14. K

    If America is an incompetent power, why doesn't the world take that power away?

    I keep reading over and over again on Quora, Reddit, Youtube and so many other websites out there that America is, in a nutshell, evil; it's selfish, it's a hypocrite has a lot of crimes against humanity and that a lot of people living there are just no good. I also read that there are so many...
  15. RomanEmperor

    America's Most Accomplished Diplomat

    Please do listen to my interview with Thomas Pickering. This guy is so incredibly accomplished as a diplomat, and he is worth hearing. :) The Ajay Bruno Show - Thomas Pickering Interview 07/09 by Ajay Bruno | Politics Conservative Podcasts
  16. B

    The USA Terror; did it happen?

    Following the French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and (as far as I can recall) any significant revolution, a political and social ‘terror’ took place. This often involved harsh repercussions against anyone seen to be ‘anti-revolution’ as well as a general purge of...
  17. A

    Questions on the Puritans

    1. Was the population growth rate of the Puritans absurdly high, or was it average for the time? 2. What political effects did the Puritans actually have on New England long term? Puritans are blamed for a lot of cultural and political ideas, but New England was the most liberal part of the...
  18. Imperia

    The last war of Napoleon

    The last war of Napoleon Napoleon was almost kidnapped from Santa Helena to lead a revolution in South America and become the '' South American Emperor '' Action took place in 1817 and had a multimillion-dollar budget In the early 19th century, there seemed to be no limits to the human...
  19. K

    If the Vietnam war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?

    And when I say stop, I don't mean to protest it but actually stop it...... sanction America, blockade America, sever alliances and treaties with America, threaten America, protect Vietnamese, protect Vietnam?
  20. Imperia

    Why do not the Atlantic coast of the Americas have great civilizations?

    The south america on the pacific side had the Incas but the brazilian side did not have a great civilization. Why did the Atlantic coast of North America have no civilizations?