american revolution

  1. Hunky Boi Sherman

    Does anyone know of the more radical political figures around the American Revolution?

    I've been trying to find info on the more extreme and out there political figures from the american revolution for a project I am working on. Examples would be proto-communists, people who wanted to have a more democratic election process and people like that. I know I've heard of some but I'm...
  2. Niobe

    Revolutionary War: Who's Your Military Favorite (To Love or Hate)

    I'm just interested to hear who everyone favors when it comes to Revolutionary War combatants - whether American or British. I find I am often more captivated by the ones that were rotten, prideful, cruel, contradictory or useless than the ones that were exemplary... they just tend to be very...
  3. A


    Hi All, I am a community college history instructor at Northern Virginia Community College. I teach Western and American Civilization courses. I am particularly interested in the Norman Invasion, Hundred Years War and World War I. I have researched battlefield film production and films made...
  4. weezer17

    Books on certain "Second Hundred Years' War" conflicts?

    Hi guys, I'm doing so research on French-British relations from 1689 to 1815 in my free time (a period sometimes called the Second Hundred Years' War). I just finished "Crucible of War" by Fred Anderson on the Seven Years' War which was great. However, now I'm looking for three things: the...
  5. F

    Greetings from Kentucky

    I'm a 27 year-old anthropology student who's recently discovered an interest in history. At the moment, I'm learning about the American Revolution, but I intend to expand forward, backward, and outward from there once I feel like I have a bit better of a grasp on that topic. Anyway, I don't...
  6. Baltis

    Southern Campaigns - Siege of Charlestown

    The British launched their new Southern Strategy in late 1778 with Lt. Colonel Archibald Campbell's invasion of Georgia and capture of Savannah. With a force consisting primarily of Loyalist regiments from the new American Establishment, Campbell took Savannah and reestablished Crown government...
  7. Baltis

    Southern Campaigns - Patrick Ferguson

    Patrick Ferguson (1744 - 1780) - "Patty" Ferguson began his military career in 1759 by purchasing a commission as cornet in the Scots Greys. He served (mostly in Germany) three years before illness took him out of the service for six years. Determined to succeed in a military career, Patrick...
  8. S

    Slightly Different American Revolution

    I've always been under the impression that the French Army during the Napoleonic Era was better then the British, of course the British Navy being their strong point even the fields. Now imagine, instead of the U.K., the Revolutionary Army fought the French instead. Now I know the war of...
  9. A7X

    Taxation of Americans and

    I heard somewhere that people in G.B. were actually taxed more then Americans in the 1770's. Is this true?
  10. CIowa

    Who was the oldest man to serve in the American revolution?

    In the last couple of years I read an article in a military magazine about a man who claimed to have served in the American revolution at a shockingly advanced age. I can't find the article now and would like to know if anyone knows who I'm talking about.
  11. Snake Eyes

    How do you classify the "American Revolution?"

    Do you classify the American Revolution as that, an American Revolution, or a War for Independence? A history professor of mine didn't like me to call it a Revolution. Me, never liking to change my beliefs just to get a better grade on a paper or presentation, didn't and kept calling it a...