1. Commodus

    Favorite Civil War story?

    The American Civil War is an incredibly interesting time in history, full of big personalities and big leaps in warfare - from tactics to the technology armies used. And as it's a subject of such interest to this forum, and so many of you are very learned on the issue, I thought it would be nice...
  2. Fabius Maximus

    English and French North American empires swapped round

    Let's say that France ends up colonising the eastern seaboard of North America whereas Britain colonises the St. Lawrence and Mississippi, rather than the other way round like in real life. How would this affect the development of their respective colonies, the interactions between them, etc.?
  3. Millennium 7

    Grand Strategy in the American Civil War

    I have an impression, when it comes to strategy in the ACW: that there was none. The famous Anaconda plan was first rejected than, in practice, piecemeal adopted by the Union. Lincoln seems to have been driven by the necessity of "showing something" at the next political appointment. The...
  4. RidiculousName

    The Russian and American Expansions

    Oddly enough, Russia and America have some similar history. Most similarly in my opinion, we both had a period of rapid expansion and extermination/subjugation of native peoples. However, the American expansion has been so popularized by Hollywood that virtually the entire world knows about it...
  5. RidiculousName

    Ancient American Migrations

    I've heard that the Inuit are descended from a much later migration than most Native Americans who lived south of Canada. Supposedly they come from a migration about 1,500 to 1000 years ago, while Clovis culture dates to about 15,500 years ago. I am curious what enabled these newcomers to push...
  6. O

    History of the children of the Apache tribe ??

    This may be a long shot, but ill start with stating that I am from Birmingham, England and recently began researching my family tree. My paternal grandmother seems to be convinced that her mother was a descendant of the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. Her story says that the children of...
  7. S

    Rarely Seen Photos Of America In The 1950’s Show American Life In The Mid-20th Centur
  8. frogsofwar

    Benedict Arnold: The Greatest Hero of the American Revolution

    I was re-watching Turn: Washington's Spies the other day, which is noted for its fairly unbiased portrayal of Benedict Arnold, the best American General to fight in the 1775 War of American Treason. Arnold served with distinction, leading several successful expeditions where others had failed...
  9. W

    What are you interested in?

    Great to be on your discussion board! I enjoy American History and will find much of this content engaging. I am also embarking on a potential business idea around content related to 1800's era American military records. For those fellow discussion forum members that do research in this space...
  10. Maoistic

    Why are Sub-Saharan, Native American and Oceanian military histories so deficient?

    Basically, when it comes to "Eurasian" (hate that term) military history we have far more detail than with Sub-Saharan Africa, pre-Columbian America and Aboriginal Oceania. In fact, it almost seems as if historians just aren't all that interested for the most part. The most I've found is the...
  11. frogsofwar

    The American Civil War - Bashing American Tradition

    I often allege that the ACW was a war fought between fairly undisciplined/unprofessional armies led by over-promoted junior officers. This is not to say that the American Civil Was not militarily or politically significant, or that some of her generals weren't talented. It is to say that most...
  12. Futurist

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies?

    Why wasn't there much European settlement in France's North American colonies? After all, apart from Quebec and Louisiana, Europeans don't appear to have settled in large numbers in any of the French colonies in the Americas. In turn, this raises an interesting question--why exactly was this...
  13. RidiculousName

    Native American Forehead Flattening

    Why did some Native American tribes practice forehead flattening? It seems like the practice was pretty widespread across what's now the southwest United States. Has this practice been proven to be harmful? Why was it so widespread?
  14. Hanslune

    Major Noirmont de La Neuville, American revolution

    Question on this French officer: does anyone know what his history was once the American Revolutionary war was over? Did he go to India? His name is also styled as: Major René-Hippolyte Penot Lombard de Noirmont (de la Neuville) Thanks in advance
  15. Tammuz

    Freemasonry and its context to the French and American Revolutions

    The theory of the origin of modern Freemasonry (in the following: FM) from the Templar Order was put into circulation in 1737 by the Scottish Freemason Andrew Michael Ramsay and has remained persistent until today, but according to the current state of knowledge it cannot be proven beyond any...
  16. RomanEmperor

    Owning a Piece of American History

    This contest is giving away some great Star Trek collectibles, and what's more American than that? :) Be sure to enter. It takes like five seconds. And you can trust me. I <3 Reagan!
  17. O

    American prisoners of war left behind

    I recently saw a documentary, about how american soldiers were left behind in communist hands. Some of the things reported blew my mind. For example: - The soviets overrunning german prisoner of war camps during the Second World War and deporting american, british, french, dutch, etc POW's...
  18. P

    American toughness

    This seems a bit stereotypical (and Americans typically don't wear this aspect of American culture on their sleeve); but I do think it is part of United States history and culture. Americans seem to have this "tough fantasy" about being a bunch of tough ranchers, athletes, work-aholics...
  19. frogsofwar

    Fall of the American Republic

    A short essay I penned the other day, intended more as an experiment in the prose of historical writing as opposed to being prophetic. It is written from the perspective of a historian about 300 years in the future living in a Robert Heinlein-like society: space travel is assumed, as well as an...
  20. Futurist

    The U.S. pursues a less hostile policy towards its Native American population

    What if the U.S. would have pursued a less hostile policy towards its Native American population? Specifically, what I am thinking of is this: If Native Americans try to rebel against the U.S., the U.S. military would still crush them. However, if Native Americans want to live peacefully and...