1. RidiculousName

    Abolitionists Views of African Americans

    Sometimes I wonder whether abolitionists considered black people to be entirely equal to themselves, or merely undeserving of slavery. Were there abolitionists who advocated for slavery as long as that slavery was kept within whatever bounds they felt were humane? How widely known was the...
  2. RidiculousName

    Unconquered Americas

    Of everything that would have to be different to allow the Native Americans to successfully resist European Conquerers, what would you say is the least amount necessary? At least so that only a small European presence ever exists in the Americas. For example, would being resistant to...
  3. N

    Is it possible north east native Americans knew about the Maya?

    I just finished an exellent novel about Norse settlers in Greenland in the 12th century, "When the land darkens" by Tore Kvæven. So far it's only been published in Norwegian, but the reviews are first-rate so I think there will be translations. The litterary quality and the level of research is...
  4. R

    Why are Americans so litigious?

    To me, as being outsider, it is a bit strange. Is it a part of American culture/mentality, to resolve even paltry cases in court? American legal system seems artificially complicated, back to Occam's razor. It looks also like a huge lawyer industry. The video is a joke, but in every good...
  5. Spike117

    Why'd European Diseases Affect Native Americans but Not Vice-Versa

    How come European diseases brought by the Spanish and others devastate native populations, but there wasn't some New World disease that the natives were used to that the colonists could've caught?
  6. K

    Historical perceptions of indigenous Americans among East Asian nations

    I recently re-read the article 'Images of American Racial Stereotypes in Nineteenth-Century Japan' by Nicole Fabricand-Person, which mentions how Japan in the Meiji era adopted Euro-American stereotypes of indigenous American peoples as part of their 'modernizing' efforts ('modern' in many ways...
  7. Voltaires Hat

    Native Americans in South America

    Was thinking recently that I know the history of Native Americans in North America well, but not as much in South America, so wondering if anyone can field a few questions.. - Is colonial history in South America more or less the same as in North America? As in South America is now...
  8. W

    Where did the stigma that Americans (esp WASP) always lacked filial piety come from?

    I found this thread. And with a bit of research inspired from reading that I came across this. Janie's Blog :: "There is no filial piety in America" As someone of half Hispanic origin...
  9. F

    Dreamers and americans

    First some confessions: I am a bit of a "dreamer" myself. Also I don't know much firsthand of the americas or US. But I know well the expression of "the ameeican dream". It is something of a source of pride, something only seen in a possitive way? But is there not potential dangers of "national...
  10. Jake10

    Why did the Americans fail so badly invading Quebec?

    Expecting victory, the Americans lost out. Why?
  11. M

    Did western outlaws disguise themselves as American Indians/Native Americans?

    Did real western outlaws do what movie outlaws sometimes did? It is a common plot in old western movies for the bad guys to disguise themselves as American Indians/Native Americans or otherwise give the impression that Indians committed their crimes. This is often part of a big plot. For...
  12. grey fox

    Did FDR order all Americans to sell their gold to the government?

    I have an octogenarian uncle who told me that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered all Americans to take all their gold to the nearest bank and sell the gold to the bank (or one could call it selling the gold to the government, if one takes a broad view) for $20 per ounce. The gold was then...
  13. Earl_of_Rochester

    Native Americans - bloodthirsty savages or peaceful tribes?

    The brave pilgrim forefathers set off from Plymouth to start a new life in the new world, a virgin territory untouched by European hand, and when they finally got there they arrived in a place called Plymouth - what are the chances of that eh? The myth goes that the friendly natives helped the...
  14. Lycurgus

    Would the Americans use the atomic bombs against Germany?

    Let's say that the German resistance in the final months of WW2 had made it extremely difficult and costly for the Allies to reach Berlin and defeat the Third Reich once and for all. Would the US use the atomic bombs against German cities? Or the fact that Germany was a European country would...
  15. O

    You think we North Americans know how to put on a war?

    That little "sissy boys slap party" from 1861-1865? Those South Americans really knew how starting in 1865 with the beginning of The War of the Triple Alliance.
  16. Moros

    Native Americans in Europe

    Are there any stories of European explorers bringing back to Europe any Native Americans (from North or South America) who had descendants in Europe?
  17. A

    Are Americans a Nation?

    In the United States of America there is often a confusion on what the word nation means; it is often used interchangeably with the word state or country. The three terms in actuality refer to three distinct things. Basically as I understand it a state is a government, a country is the land that...
  18. 2

    Portrayal of Native Americans by British colonists

    I am writing a 6-page research paper for university. My topic is the perception of Native Americans by (British) colonists in the 17th century. I want to compare the author's descriptions of culture, gender roles, society etc. with what we know today, my thesis statement being that the source of...
  19. H

    Early use of firearms by Central or Caribbean Americans?

    Anybody know if some of the Central/Meso American or Caribbean peoples adopted firearms to any notable extent (either through trade or war booty) during the early period of contact with Europeans? I'm thinking mainly between the end of the 15th century through the whole 16th century. For...
  20. Ajax_Minoan

    Native Americans using neurotoxin.

    I've often thought about what it would take for Native Americans to successfully drive off the invasions of the New World by Europeans with the limited technology they had. Everyone likes an underdog I guess. More than once it has occurred to me that it might be possible to make use of the...