1. VHS

    If megafauna thrive in the Americas and Australia

    Some may consider the relative "backwardness" of the Americas and Australia before contacts was due to lack of megafauna. Then, uses of cacao and maple syrups demonstrated that Native Americans might have their unique technologies. I enjoy drinking mixes of ashwagandha and cacao powder...
  2. Hoosierhiver

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas?

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas that you have visited? I think mine is Fort Ticonderoga.
  3. Darth Raidius

    What if the conquest of the Americas was fair?

    What if the European conquest and colonization of the Americas was a "fair" invasion? This would primarily mean that: - The native Americans are immune to the new European diseases (e.g. smallpox). - The native Americans do not sell or give up land to the Europeans willingly, and will not allow...
  4. A

    Why did England send so many more people to the Americas than other colonial powers?

    Why did England (and Scotland and northern Ireland after the Acts of Union) send so many colonists, in comparison to all the other colonial empires? France had a huge population, so why wasn't the population of New France correspondingly huge? I suppose Portugal did send a proportionally high...
  5. Imperia

    the empire of the americas

    What would have been the best time in Brazilian history for him to get a coast to the Pacific or a coast to the Caribbean (if possible both)?
  6. J

    Americas without European influence

    It occurred to me today that without European influence, Aztec and Maya would have conquered the hemisphere. I would appreciate informed opinions as to what that would have been like and on what kind of a timeline. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  7. RidiculousName

    Unconquered Americas

    Of everything that would have to be different to allow the Native Americans to successfully resist European Conquerers, what would you say is the least amount necessary? At least so that only a small European presence ever exists in the Americas. For example, would being resistant to...
  8. F

    When did rice cultivation begin in the Americas?

    I was just reading through a different topic discussing wheat and corn (maize) agriculture in the Americas, when the thought of rice came to mind. I didn't want to derail that discussion, so I thought I'd start a new topic. I know that some early American tribes used to harvest wild rices in...
  9. A

    German Conquistadors in the Americas.

    Well i made a quick study of Pedro Menendez de Aviles and found a mention of Germans being in St. Augustine. And another mention of a German names Ulrich Schmidl who was also a Landsknecht turn conquistador that went to Venezuela. But who knew. Now I was pretty surprised to know that German...
  10. Millennium

    How were African slaves sold once they reached the Americas?

    The popular image of the slave trade in America is that upon arrival, African captives were quickly prepared on shore, made to appear healthy, & then auctioned together, & usually end up as the only African in their slave communities. How accurate is this image? Upon arrival, were African...
  11. B

    Conquest of the Americas

    I have often hear that the conquistadors only managed to conquer the great empires of the Aztecs and Incas with the help of large numbers of native allies, who made up the majority of the forces that defeated these two large empires. If this is the case, how did the Spanish end up being in...
  12. F

    Ancient contacts Northern Asia, Northwestern Americas

    While most claims of contacts betwenn the Americas and the rest of the world before the 1490ś forme appear to be somewhat speculative (except not extensive contacts with the norse and perhaps also a few contactas with polynesians), there is one large region, that of the eastern Siberian...
  13. R

    Seizing a golden chande. the Americas and the Pacific for the US

    When revolution breaks out in New Spain, president Madison realizes that this is a unique opportunity for the US to expand at an unprecedented rate its territory, economy, resources, population and trade into Latin America and the Pacific. He notices that the Isthmus of Tehuantepec is undefended...
  14. O

    Africans allergic to the Americas

    Supose for at least 1,000 years, if not much longer, people born in Africa would quickly die if they came to the Western Hemisphere? What would this mean for Africa and what would it mean for the USA?
  15. Frank81

    The very first English explorations of the Americas

    I was reading about John Cabot explorations, and the first English expeditions to the New World seem to be very obscure. On the other hand, looking at the map of Juan de la Cosa, he painted English flags much south of North America than would be expected. And then there's a guy, William...
  16. A

    Where there Africans in the Americas before European colonization?

    I have encountered claims that Africans were in the Americas before Europeans, the most popular of the two being that the Olmecs were themselves African (which I find to be very questionable) and that Mansa Musa of Mali sent a naval fleet west that might've landed on South America. Is there any...
  17. A

    Was the main reason for the fall of the Spanish Empire the Peninsular War?

    Was the weakening of Spain caused by the Napoleonic Wars pretty much the sole reason why the independence movements in Central and South America became prominent and successful, or were the revolutions a long time coming and French invasion was just a catalyst?
  18. Edratman

    Population of Americas in 1491

    I came across a very interesting article in The Atlantic titled 1491 which presents ideas and thoughts about the native population of the Americas prior to Columbus. The article is lengthy, offers a little bit about both continents, looking at agrarian practices, the ecological impact of the...
  19. G

    Would it be better,if Europeans colonized & Christianized NorthAfrica than Americas

    Would it be better,if Europeans colonized & Christianized NorthAfrica than Americas Would it be better,if Europeans colonized & Christianized NorthAfrica than Americas with Ottoman decline their neighbourhood could have been better and much larger. Easier to hold as well for long. If they could...
  20. T

    Constitutional History of the Americas

    I am trying to do a comparative legal analysis of constitutions in the Americas, primarily The United States, Mexico, Colombia and possibly Spain (1812 constitution of Cadiz, in order to demonstrate the influences of that one on other constitutions) during the Age of Revolution. I am going to...