1. S

    Failed amphibious invasions.

    I'm not aware of any amphibious invasion that failed once forces were landed successfully. If forces were prevented from landing, it was due to naval action, not action on the ground. Did any defender ever drive the enemy "into the sea"?
  2. RidiculousName

    Pre-industrial Amphibious Landing.

    What was the biggest Pre-industrial age amphibious landing that we know of?
  3. AlpinLuke

    Amphibious assaults in ancient history

    Reasoning about the French Navy regarding an other thread, out of curiosity I have wondered if amphibious assaults [with organized and equipped units] happened already in ancient times. Well, there is actually a great example in Roman age: after conquering Gaul, Caesar had to ponder if to stop...
  4. G

    Amphibious warfare in history where different sides won on different terrains

    Instances of amphibious warfare in history where different sides won on different terrains and how was the final outcome reached? Example two nations or kingdoms fight on more than one terrain (armies and navies) and one party win in one battle terrain and the other wins the second terrain. So...
  5. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: A Succesful D-Day-Style Amphibious Invasion of France During WWI?

    Here is the scenario, which I wanted to make as realistic as possible (any advice to improve this scenario to make it even more realistic is certainly welcomed and appreciated): The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) gets encircled and destroyed at Mons in 1914; thus, Britain decides not to send...
  6. P

    Spanish Armada makes it to Flanders without opposition, and goes on with mission

    How would they fare? What happens next? Without any lost ships until after the departure from Flanders (with the troops stationed in Flanders now in tow), how does this showdown between England and Spain's 130+ ships play out?
  7. Underlankers

    Allied amphibious alternatives in 1944:

    Instead of trying to salvage another thread by discussing actual alternatives (anyone who wants to humor the farcical nonsense that is the Frisian Option is directed to the "Was Normandy the Only Option" thread elsewhere on this page), I would like to discuss what actual alternatives there were...
  8. SebastheGreat

    Ancient Amphibious warfare

    I'm wondering what ancient amphibious warfare was like? What were the tactics used by the invading forces, What did the defenders do. Or was amphibious warfare even all that widely used by ancient armies? The only place that I can think of where it would be widely used is Greece with all of...
  9. William Walker

    EU Amphibious Battle Group.

    Amphibious Battle Group currently can only land 1,500 troops, a very small number. It is based around the Italian and Spanish navies, it has 1 light carrier, 1 amphibious assault ship and 7 landing platform docks, a very weak force for limited power projection. So what is the point in it? The...