1. Dreamhunter

    Anatolian homeland for Indo-Europeans?

    Now, I'm not promoting any one hypothesis over any other for this apparently keenly debated subject, but rather just trying to stimulate even further discussion on it. Anatolian hypothesis (adopted & adapted from The so called Anatolian hypothesis was...
  2. civfanatic

    Do Anatolian Turks still have tribes? If not, when and how did tribes cease to exist?

    Most of the Turkic peoples, including the Oghuz Turks, were divided into different tribal groups. For example, one of the Oghuz tribes was the Kayı tribe. The Ottomans claimed that Osman was descended from this tribe. When the Turks conquered and settled in Anatolia, what happened to these...
  3. R

    How important was the Anatolian heartland to the long-term survival of the Byzantine

    I know that Manuel was criticized for not trying to recover it until 1176, but John also did not see the importance of taking back the Anatolian interior and devoted his efforts to taking the coastal areas after he succeeded Alexius. Also the Byzantine Empire still stayed very wealthy during the...
  4. Rex Hiemis

    What is the reason of the decline of Anatolian cities during the 7th Century CE?

    What is the reason of the decline of Anatolian cities during the 7th Century CE? Most of the cities in Anatolia were left during the 7th c.
  5. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Does anything remain of the anatolian beacon system?

    I've heard quite a bit about the beacon system used to warn Constantinople, and probably the rest of anatolia, of arab raids. It was introduced during the reign of theophilus and was repaired under many subsequent emperors, notably manuel. As well as just hearing about it's use, I've also seen...
  6. G

    Why could Anatolian Greeks not bring Modern Greece back to its heights

    Why could the Anatolian Greeks who were so intellecutally well off not bring mainland Greece to its former glory after having coming from Anatolia after the population exchange agreement with Turkey
  7. A

    Can we consider Cimmerians and Phrygians a Anatolian?

    They migrated to Anatolia just like Hittites who come from dinyeper river of Ukraine. Cimmerians and Phrygians population already lived thousand years a Anatolia. Cimmerians in Anatolia Sadreddin Artik el-Kimmari(cimmerian or Sadreddin artik the cimmerian)engaged in reconstruction work in...
  8. A

    Are Anatolian beyliks really Turkic?

    i know the thread stupid :D i cant see any mongoloid in them from Eastern Anatolians(i think they are native to eastern Anatolia)-Seljuq period Artuqid beylik look their eyes big :D Danishmend>>big nose , asians cant have big nose Turks=Anatolian. Torko-mongol fachist want to stole our...
  9. the curious cat

    On the history of (Anatolian) Turkish language

    I was researching on the history of Turkish language, and I basically am supposed to trace the developments it's supposed to have undergone through the passage of time, and for the first time, this information highway has been difficult with me. I would like to establish that the old Anatolian...
  10. Q

    When did Anatolian and Azerbaijani Turkish split?

    I wonder, has there ever been a research done on this? Or when is it approx that the two turns into separate languagues? I have read 15th century, but of course it would be interesting to see the texts of Old Anatolian Turkish, I wonder if anyone has examples of it. Of course I don't know if...
  11. antocya

    Seljuk (and other Turkic Anatolian) architecture

    Recently I visited some places in Turkey and I was wondering if people have some background info about the significance or anything. I visited Ahlat in Bitlis and they had some interested reliefs on stones. I was wondering what if any significance they had. This was an old tombstone with...
  12. koseku

    The origins of Anatolian people

    I wonder how actually original people of Anatolian look like? Dark skinned? Blue eyes? Blonde? I dont include the mesopotamia, more like Central Anatolia people...
  13. macro

    Ancient Anatolian ruins?

    I visited Turkey last year and near Kayseri (central Anatolia) there are a lot of these ruins. I asked the locals from which peoples and which time period they were from but they didn't know. This one was digged out of the earth. Any thoughts?