1. V

    Why did the Anatolians submitted so easily to the Mongoloid Turks?

    After all these civilisations this is beyond my understanding.
  2. hazratemahmood

    Where do Armenians come from?

    Recently some information was given by Midas regarding the origins of Armenians in this post: "" and we discussed some linguistic evidence. In order not to derail that thread, I want you to share any reflections...
  3. Afrasiyab

    Karamanlılar-Karamanlides: Neglected Anatolians

    Not to be confused with Cappadocian Greeks, Karamanlides are/were Turkish-speaking Orthodox Greeks. Currently, there are two theories of their origin: they were either Turkified Byzantines or Turcopoles. Recently, I have heard that in Istanbul, a huge document gathering of Karamanlides is...