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  1. NBSHistory

    Is there anything good to say about Nero Claudius?

    An honest question to those more educated in the empirical period. I've come across quite a few un-scholarly work lately suggesting the propagandists of his time are to blame for exaggerating him out of per portion?
  2. T

    Video about ancient Chinese history: Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty

    Hello everybody, I am making a series about Chinese history and have just uploaded a video about the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dyasty. The video gives you an overview about the most interesting aspects of thought, ideology, religion and culture of these dynasties. If you are interested in...
  3. I


    This is a very long post. I initially posted this on Reddit and a Redditor told me about this site so I could post it here. Here's the link to the OG post: GUYS I FOUND A CULT : I_FOUND_A_CULT Here's the link to the updated section: Update • u/I_FOUND_A_CULT My father was an Afghan soldier...
  4. P

    Ethnicity as a factor in military success

    Greetings fellow avid history readers. As a new member on this forum this is my very first thread. One of my main interests is military history with a special focus on textual description of engagements between armies, spanning the whole ancient and medieval periods. One of my conclusions is...
  5. Quill And Ink History

    Aristotle's outstanding contributions to the ancient sciences.

    I recently made a short educational video covering the outstanding contributions that Aristotle made to the Greek sciences. The main focus of the video is to cover Aristotle's treatment of the philosophical problems such as the questions change and knowledge that were posed by the philosophers...
  6. J

    Ancient Greece - Motion Comic scene from POLIS: The Trial of Socrates

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum. I've got a passion for the history of ancient Greece - especially regarding the Peloponnesian War and Socrates. So much so, that I'm writing and producing a graphic novel on the subject. Here's a motion comic version of a scene from the book: hAyWZGyF5PA This...
  7. S

    Why Egypt Overtook Sumer

    oM4YVOcaQr8 This is a bit of comparative History, where I explore why Sumer Was Overshadowed by Egypt. I would love to get any opinions and comments
  8. S

    Pop culture and Egyptology

    Made this video, which will be the first in a series on Ancient Egypt. Je-1YhzP-gQ I realized that Ancient Egypt is still very much a part of our cultural fabric and that even if you think that you are ignorant, you know more than you think. Its Amazing!
  9. NBSHistory

    Was Alexander as Great as they Say? (Controversial)

    A series I created on Alexander the Great. I in no way believe him to not have been "great" I simply was displaying the many overlooked flaws in his character. Received some backlash, but if you watched all three parts I believe I make a valid point! MJLL673d1-A I am unsure if it simply because...
  10. NBSHistory

    Is Youtube a viable option for teaching History?

    Hi! I am a current student at a University in Canada working into entering graduate studies in History. Because I already do an enormous amount of research for the University and in my personal life I decided to try and make a History Youtube channel. I do this to try and promote history...
  11. NBSHistory

    How "Great" was Alexander the Great?

    MOD EDIT: Video removed I have received a large amount of backlash for some of the things I brought up in this content and would love to hear more opinions on the matter. I don't deny he was Great in any way, only brought up flaws of his character and actions. For example his "temperament"...
  12. NBSHistory

    The role of Spartan Women prior to Roman Conquest

    Hello, my name is Craig I am a student seeking to enter a graduate program in History. While attending to my studies I thought why not provide content on youtube as well? I do so to try and bring History to the youth, so its a mix of primary/secondary sourcing and humor! hc5Pp3fuyp8 This link...
  13. B

    Cicero and Politics question

    Hey!!! So I'm fresh from doing a mock question on this statement and was curious as to all yours opinions on the statement and thought it might make a good topic of conversation- During the period of 62 to 50BC Cicero became increasinly irrelevant to the governing of Rome and the provinces :)
  14. T

    Christian Success: The Influence Of Egypt

    It has been shown that in the religions of Egypt and Babylon, various gods are called the son and image of the supreme god. And Hellenistic cults could make Hellenistic rulers the visible manifestation of a god, with the concept of soteriology linked with the concept of icons. Kleinknecht in...
  15. S

    What does "Athen. i. 11" as a source reference mean?

    Hi everyone I am doing some research on Alexander the Great for a paper and I keep coming across references to a source that's just titled "Athen" and then some numbers, for example "Athen. i. 11" or also "Athen. 1.17f". I do know how these references to ancient sources normally work, for...
  16. D

    Hi all

    Hi all... new member here... not a student for many decades now, but always eager to learn, when I have time from work... I'm a science/software guy, and history fascinates me... ancient history... not just the main chapters, but more so what happened between the chapters... One morning, 20...
  17. Relical

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello Historum! I'm a Colorado native who's had a fascination with science and history since a young age. I prefer ancient history more than recent history, saying often to people I discuss the topic with, that we don't give the ancients nearly enough credit for their ingenuity and...
  18. A

    The Fall of Rome

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor did it crumble in a day. In a sense, the empire had begun to fall as soon as it began to rise. History has attributed Rome’s downfall to numerous causes, not the least of which was the relentless pressure exerted by barbarian tribes along its frontiers. From the...
  19. VikingGirlTBird

    What is your Favorite Ancient Civilization and your Favorite Ancient Time Period?

    Hi Everybody! How are all of you? What is your favorite Ancient civilization(s) during Ancient Times and/or your favorite Ancient historical time period(s) in Ancient Times and why is that particular Ancient civilization(s) and/or that particular Ancient historical time period(s) your favorite...
  20. N

    Hello from Boston

    Hi everyone. I am a long time lover of ancient history, mythology and theology. Anyone else out there into this?