1. Son of Athena

    Ancient Rome Sumptuary Laws

    Reading a webpage about the Aurelian Walls and I found this: "The bronze statues of Caius Cestius, now in the Musei Capitolini, were paid for with money from the sale of tapestries from Pergamum which could not be placed in the sepulchre because of a sumptuary law of 18 BC." What are sumptuary...
  2. bolero982

    Ancient Egypt TV Show Question

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I'm honestly getting a little desperate in trying to trace a copy. About 15 years ago there was a TV show that was basically reconstructions by actors of certain events from ancient Egypt mixed with documentary. One episode I recall was about a...
  3. A

    Estimates of ancient population size/density in Europe.

    Does anyone have info on population sizes and densities in Europe, say from the Bronze Age onwards?
  4. RidiculousName

    Ancient American Migrations

    I've heard that the Inuit are descended from a much later migration than most Native Americans who lived south of Canada. Supposedly they come from a migration about 1,500 to 1000 years ago, while Clovis culture dates to about 15,500 years ago. I am curious what enabled these newcomers to push...
  5. 7

    Ancient item?

    Hello everyone! I have a question about an item that a friend has given to me, and it is from Turkey, and it was found on the ground in the town of Kaymakli. To clarify further, it was NOT from the underground city in Kaymakli. I am not sure what it is and if it is indeed a historical item, and...
  6. Simba

    Were the Thracians the majority in Macedonia?

    This picture shows the original borders of Macedonia. When Macedonians occupied Thrace, Thracians did not just die. Quote from Strabo: ''Hecataeus of Miletus says of the Peloponnesus, that, before the time of the Greeks, it was inhabited by barbarians. Perhaps even the whole of Greece was...
  7. J

    What did Ancient Nubians actually look like?

    So I was reading up about the Kingdom of Kush, and it was really fascinating to me. I always assumed the ancient Nubians were dark or at least brown skinned, the way they were portrayed on Egyptian hieroglyphics; However I came across this study...
  8. Dios

    Need Help: How do you search ancient books archived in Venezuela?

    I'm looking for the "Saint Felix Manuscripts". They come from Venezuela Copies of an original Latin manuscript in a library at Salamanca These are copies made by "Father Jacobus" Reported given to "M. Nierenstein" I don't know where the manuscripts were filed ... some repository in Venezuela...
  9. JulioClaudian Historian

    Which is your favorite movie about ancient history?

    My favorite movie about ancient history is Gladiator.
  10. B

    Logistics and structures of ancient armies??

    I am curious to know the logistics and organixational structure of ancient armies. We know quite a bit about the logistics and organization of Roman armies, tnanks to works like Vegetius De Re Militari, things like how many pieces of artillery were assinged to a legion and how they were...
  11. Maoistic

    Was the Greco-Roman phalanx superior to ancient Chinese formations and tactics?

    This is a very common claim I've found here, in Total War and other forums, that part of the reason why the Roman Empire had a superior army to the Han dynasty is that it either had Greek phalanx formations or defeated Greek phalanx formations in its conquest of Greek states, something that the...
  12. G


    I am here to discuss ancient civilizations and to encourage finds of pre- mesopotamian civilizations. If we followed ancient river patterns on a map of the current world, overlayed with continental movements we'd locate information in the ocean. This happened through the movement of the plates...
  13. Z

    Ancient mediterranean culture

    Hello everybody, we are some friends fond in ancient history and culture of mediterranean area. Bye, Silvy.Bye
  14. JaddHaidar

    Ancient Arabian goddess al-Uzza

    From what we know of the pre-Islamic Arabian pantheon, al-Uzza was the youngest among the three chief goddesses of Mecca and later came to be identified with the Roman Venus and the Egyptian Isis. She's briefly mentioned in the Sura 53 of the Quran, and Ibn al-Kalbi who wrote the "Book of Idols"...
  15. Robert165

    Was the death penalty common in Ancient Athens/Greece (Socrates)

    Concerning the trial of Socrates and his death, I was wondering, how often was the death penalty handed out for political prisoners. I can see that for various crimes, exile, seizure of assets, disenfranchisement (not allowing people to participate in public life, shunning people), putting...
  16. A

    Ancient Greeks vs. Vikings

    How did the following civilizations compare on a military level? In terms of tactics, naval technology, organization, logistics, weapons, unit discipline, metallurgy, etc. Classical era Greece (Peloponnesian War) Hellenistic Greece (Diadochi wars) Vikings (Danelaw) Vikings (Canute the Great)...
  17. Constantine V

    Favourite period of ancient history?

    My favourite has got to be the hellenistic, which is pretty obviouse by my posts. Its like a historical greek game of thrones , with the wars of the diodochi, syrian wars and struggle against rising rome, its awesome. It was arguably the most enlightened of the anicent period with historians...
  18. Man of Sin

    Race-relations in ancient times are vastly better than in modern times?

    I’ve been reading up on ancient race-relations and found that black people despite looking different were regarded as human. At least to the ancient Greeks who had this belief that they were just white people with permanently burnt skin accidentally caused by Helios’ son Phaethon...
  19. H

    Ancient Indian battles

    I would like to hear of any accounts of ancient battles of India as they are few and far between. I uave researched a lot on the net and found only a few battles. Heremthey are. Defeat of Assyrian Queen: She dressed up her camels as elephants and crossed the Indus, but the Indian king learned...
  20. H

    Any account of ancient indian battles

    I would like to hear of any accounts of ancient battles of India as they are few and far between. I uave researched a lot on the net and found only a few battles. Heremthey are. Defeat of Assyrian Queen: She dressed up her camels as elephants and crossed the Indus, but the Indian king learned...