1. T

    The Pictish-Northumbrian (Anglo-Saxon) Wars?

    I am interested in learning more about the conflicts between the Picts and the Angle kingdom of Northumbria. Who generally got the better of it and who were some key figures? Any important battles? I know the Northumbrian's controlled Edinburgh at one point and I wonder how far north they got...
  2. T

    Favorite Anglo-Saxon King?

    Who was your favorite Anglo-Saxon King of England? Or at least the one you find most interesting? I personally think that Penda of Mercia, Edmund Ironside, and what I like to think of as the "Big Five" (Ecgbert, Aethelwuld, Alfred the Great, Edward The Elder, and Athelstan the Glorious) were the...
  3. G

    Were the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms linked?

    Were the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms linked in any way? To mention a few; Wessex, Mercia, Midlands, Northumbria If they were ethnically the same and presumably spoke the same language, does that mean there was some sort of loose confederation? Thanks for any info.
  4. A

    Anglo Saxon Military Organisation

    This is primarily a link to a paper uploaded to by Heinrich Härke. It was one of a collection of papers under Military aspects of Scandinavian society in a European perspective, AD 1-1300 Härke's paper, Early Anglo Saxon military organisation from an archaeological perspective...
  5. T

    The Anglo Boer War

    Now as many sites i have seen and had discussions many said the boer war was inevitable to fail and that the boers never stood a chance. I disagree now i know it was stupid to declare war on the brits at their peak of their power. But i dont believe that there was no hope at start of war boer...
  6. richiethewanderer

    Anglo Saxon contact with Saxons in the dark ages

    Were there any contacts between Saxons in england and the Saxons in germany in the late dark ages? Did they dislike eachother during Charlemagne's reign since the saxons in england were christian and the saxons in germany were pagan?(If that was the case, my knolwedge of anglo saxon history is...
  7. DaveK

    The Anglo Saxon Chronicle - Part 1: A.D. 1 - 748

    Continuing from: Let's do some history! Anglo Saxon Chronicle anyone? and It's been great so far. Everyone except TotalAaron has been marvelously patient and thoughtful in going through the...
  8. DaveK

    The Anglo Saxon Chronicle - Part 0 (Preliminaries)

    Introduction to the Thread(s) Per much enthusiastic response in this thread, let us begin. Through this thread and it's successors we will work our way piecemeal through the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. I am by no means anywhere close to an authority on this document. Not even close. A complete...
  9. DaveK

    Let's do some history! Anglo Saxon Chronicle anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in going through the Anglo-Saxon chronicle on a dedicated thread? I was thinking I could post a few lines per day/week, whatever and we could chit-chat about them. It would be the sort of "Historum Annotated version." It doesn't *have* to be the Anglo Saxon...
  10. I

    Any reference to understand the Anglo-Ashanti wars?

    I just want to read something related to Anglo-Ashanti wars / campaign comprising the five wars involved in this campaign. Not neccesary to be a thesis or an exhaustive analysis of this conflict, I am only an occasional reader so I want to understand this campaign, just the basics. Could be...
  11. G

    Anglo-Spanish War (1654–60)

    I've read through the whole article of Anglo-Spanish War (1654–60) in Wikipedia and I still do not understand the real cause of this war. Some claimed that this war was caused by the Spanish invasion of Portugal. I would rather suggest that the war was caused by privateering and pirates in...
  12. R

    Anglo Saxon Hundreds

    Looking to gain some more information on the Anglo Saxon Hundreds. I've read that hundreds were units of 100 hides, but also that they supplied 100 men for fighting. I don't see how this works since 5 hides supplied 1 soldier. So just wondering if the hundreds were based on hides or how many...
  13. M

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD

    Questions about the Anglo Saxons and the Frankish Empire, 9th century AD Hello, I am doing some research and have a lot of questions about this time period? Can anyone help with any of the following questions or give me somewhere to start? Thank you! WHAT WAS HUNTING LIKE IN ANGLO SAXON...
  14. Y

    Natal as part of South Africa despite its whites being majority Anglo

    I have a few reasons - just my guess - as to why Natal became a part of the Union of South Africa in 1909 along with the Cape Province, Orange Free State, and Transvaal, despite the whites in Natal being mainly Anglo and those in the other areas being largely Afrikaner. (Logically, for...
  15. G

    Did Slavs fight barbarian tribes post Rome, Anglo Saxons and Nordics

    What was the outcome of these engagements? and what stopped the Slavs from moving further westwards?
  16. The General

    Favorite anglo saxon kingdom?

    I always liked northumbria personally.
  17. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Leeds Anglo saxon gold hoard to go on display

    From the BBC News Leeds' Anglo Saxon gold hoard to go on display - BBC News Seven objects including four rings, which date between the seventh to 11th Centuries, were discovered in separate searches in 2008 and 2009. The exact location of where the gold was discovered was never disclosed.
  18. P

    The Franco-Dutch War/The Third Anglo Dutch War

    As a Dutchman I will of course remain persistant in trying to upkeep some Dutch history on this forum which is among the rarest of histories in Western European topics on historum :p. I would like to discuss the Franco Dutch War and hope to kindle a debate with a few questions. - Why did...
  19. Druzhina

    Anglo Saxon depiction of a dagged mail shirt

    From Saxon, Viking and Norman There have been doubts about whether the dagged mail shirt portrays actual Anglo-Saxon wear or is copied from earlier, perhaps continental, manuscripts. I thought it would be useful to see how much the artist might be depending on copying from an earlier...
  20. P

    The Anglo Dutch Wars

    Between 1600-1800 the Dutch and the English fought three major naval wars and one smaller one at the end of the 18th century. These wars are usually very much forgotten, but play a hugh role in both the Dutch naval supremacy in the 17th century and British naval supremacy during the 18th...