1. notgivenaway

    historia nobis - achievements of the Anglo-Saxons
  2. A

    Anglo-Saxons descendants of Israel.

    Anglo-Saxons – lineal descendants of one of the people which followed Moses. Genetics discovered the Chechens and the Germans common Northern German mitochondrial DNA, that is maternal (see Yavus Akhmadovs statement in a round table of “RIA News” in Moscow). Patrilineal the Chechens and the...
  3. Oliver Cromwell

    Anglo-Saxons vs Normans - who was cooler?

    I've always had a preference for the Anglo-Saxons over the Normans. I don't know exactly why my sympathies have lain so strongly with them - maybe because they were the "original" invaders and inhabitants (although they themselves displaced the Celts). I admire both peoples, though if I had been...
  4. notgivenaway

    Anglo-Saxons win the Battle of Badon?

    Arthur never existed. But then if the Britons had lost the Battle of Badon, could Wales today be smaller in area than it is today? I believe Cornwall would retain less of a Celtic identity, which is still has in some form today. Wessex would have included Cornwall and Devon from its...
  5. Marcellus

    What happened to the celtic britons when the anglo-saxons invaded celtic Britain?

    Were they exterminated, enslaved or integrated?
  6. notgivenaway

    Why are the Anglo-Saxons neglected?

    Due to a bias towards the Normans (by the Victorians and British nobility of Norman descent, though Normans often married English women of noble descent too, so whatever...), the Anglo-Saxons have got pretty neglected. Which is odd, considering they made England, literally. Many of our...
  7. S

    were the pre conquest Anglo-Saxons Orthodox Christians?

    I have read that Harold of Wessex was the last Byzantine Orthodox king of England and that some Orthodox Christians regard him as a "passion bearer" and martyr at the way he died at the hands of "papist invaders," with some calling for his canonization in the Orthodox Church as Saint Harold...
  8. notgivenaway

    Why were the Anglo-Saxons and Danes enemies?

    This may seem silly superficially to ask (I mean who would consider an invading party a friend?) But then considering the English came from Denmark and Holstein, and Old English was very similar to Old Norse, how come they didnt stop to think they were the same kin/blood and not attack each other?
  9. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Anglo-Saxons in 'Abram Rescues Lot' in Ælfric's Hexateuch, 11thC

    Anglo-Saxons in 'Abram Rescues Lot' in the Old English Hexateuch, 11th century The Army of the Four Kings defeats the Army of the Five Kings Abram Pursued the Four Kings All the Way to Dan Abram Attacks the Four Kings by Night Abram Routs & Pursues the Four Kings and Rescues Lot Melchizedek...
  10. F

    Anglo-Saxons as Varangian warriors

    I have read recently that Varangian mercenaries served as personal bodyguards of the Eastern European rulers. The Varangian Guard was an elite unite in the Byzantine Empire and also in the Kingdom of Hungary. Basil, the Byzantine Emperor, controlled at least 6000 Varangian warriors. After the...
  11. B

    Differences between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?

    The post-Roman migration of the 'barbarian' tribes is a topic I hope to understand better but certain questions always distract me. Although called Anglo-Saxons one of the main groups during this wave of humanity were the Jutes (from Denmark). The Vikings that most affected England were Danish...
  12. B

    What did they speak in England before the Anglo-Saxons?

    Was it Celtic or Romance-based? Does anyone know? Presumably it was spoken for some time after the Anglo-Saxon invasion. For example the Prussian language died out in the 18th century, 600 or so years after German conquest.
  13. Belloc

    Why did the Anglo-Saxons not become more British? This looks like an interesting read.
  14. F

    The ancient black races of the British Isles including Celts and Anglo-Saxons

    Lanarkshire Renfrewshire An essay on the physiognomy and physiology of the present inhabitants of Britain; with reference to their origin, as Goths and Celts. Together with remarks upon the physiognomical characteristics of Ireland, and of some of the neighboring continental Origin of the...
  15. Rommel

    Anglo-Saxons & Vikings(Northmen)

    The Vikings often raided the coastal Anglo-Saxon villages, but did the Anglo-Saxons ever fight back? (as in like, invade Viking villages?)
  16. Psellos

    Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

    Could Viking raiders/colonizers in Britain communicate with the local Anglosaxons, since especially the Danish ones came from an area that Angles, Jutes and Saxons were nearby? Do we have any reference or hypotheses? Languages couldn't change that much in 5 centuries I guess.
  17. Numa_is_the_boyo


    I'm dreadfully sorry for anyone who has to suffer the horrific and inevitable dead feeling inside after having read this, yes this is another rather tedious 'I need a book, somebody help me' thread, but to get slowly and painstakingly to the point, somebody help me, i need a book. Something on...