1. RidiculousName

    What is the Oldest Breed of Domestic Animal?

    A while back I became interested in the neolithic Soay Sheep breed after reading about it in a link on another thread. Now I am curious whether they could be called the oldest specific breed of domesticated animal still around. NOTE: I should've said "Domesticated" not "Domestic" in the post...
  2. Todd Feinman

    Cattle & animal mutilations

    I've never looked extremely close!y at this phenomenon, but I did get to meet a scientist from OSU once who worked on cases; he came over with many pictures and files. He didn't think it was predators doing it. Mezrich's book is about it too apparently. An article I ran across...
  3. B

    Why do Chinese eat almost every kind of animal?

    Why do Chinese eat almost any kind of animal? - Album on Imgur
  4. Menshevik

    gadhimai festival: animal sacrifice

    I came across this recently.... I'm actually surprised I hadn't heard of it before. I remember hearing of the Yulin Dog eating festival a while back. That seemed to cause some protest and outcry. In defense of the Chinese festival, at least their...
  5. The merchant of Venice

    Animal rights in history

    What type of legislation has existed in history regarding the treatment of animals? How often was there some type of protection for them? Is it mainly a modern development, or has been there some significant legislation in the past? I'm specifically talking about laws, not just cultural...
  6. LatinoEuropa

    The language Animal

    Animal language will be all the same? As we all know the human being speak several languages. Where does the error? Is who created mankind.
  7. U

    Catal Huyuk animal worship.

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me :). My 11 year old got this question for her homework..... Honestly, I would like to know the answer myself so I can help her. What does the evidence of animal worship suggest about the people of Catal Huyuk?
  8. P

    What is the animal in the Pskov Republic flag/COA?

    I'm really interested in the Pskov Oblast and it's independent history. Once Pskov was an Oligarchic republic, although it had periods of being a viceroyality, an annexed duchy and an independent Russian nation. The question I ask: What is this animal on Pskov's flag/coat of arms? I've heard...
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    Popular Animal Breeds That Died Off

    The Egyptian Mau is a breed of cat that has been around since Ancient Egyptian times and was the breed of choice for Egyptians who wanted a cat and was worshiped often. While they have changed a bit over the years, as the Europeans preferred the silver furred variety over the bronze furred, the...
  10. Domhnall Balloch

    Animal conservation: a 'Brit' invention?

    In 676 St Cuthbert, a Northumbrian who was patron saint of the north until it got its own angel, declared that eiders and other breeding birds on the Farne Islands were to be protected from hunters. There is no known economic logic behind this: it was just a bird conservation measure. What I...
  11. Insert Name Here

    Islamic State and Animal Extinction

    An interesting small article about a bird that could become extinct in the wild since the IS took over Palmyra. It's sad to see that this adds to the horrific human toll and suffering, the destruction of historic and irreplaceable sites, and now potential animal extinction. This is like the...
  12. D

    Human 'rights' are not Animal 'Rights'?

    I was always interested in the distinction between the two, I never fully grasped the term 'right', and with thta the animal 'right' movement. I feel there are increasingly good moral reasons to not eat meat, but I do not think the word 'right' can be used. Apart from it being used in almost...
  13. civfanatic

    When did Indian kings stop performing animal sacrifices?

    In ancient India it was common for Indian kings to perform Vedic rituals, which often involved the slaughter of animals. The most common ritual performed by Indian kings was the ashwamedha ritual, a very ghastly ritual which involved the slaughter of a horse followed by ritual intercourse...
  14. B

    What if Animal Farm became real?

    And the horses took over the asylum? How would the world look in 10 years?
  15. J

    Animal sacrifices in the Vedas

    I have read that the ancient Brahmins or Hindu priests use to do animal sacrifices, the most famous being the horse sacrifice. These descriptions are apparently there in graphic detail in the Brahmanas. However, I have also read from the Arya Samaaj Hindus, a sect founded by Swami Dayananda...
  16. E

    Did Plato ever sacrifice an animal before an idol?

    Hiya guys, I was hoping if anyone could help out. I heard a long time ago that Plato once sacrificed an animal, I think it was a cock, to an idol. Is this true? I can't seem to find any information about it. Did this philosopher ever sacrifice anything to any idol? Thanks guys!
  17. Inc

    Animal / Human Holocaust Comparison

    In your opinion is it legitimate to compare the two? Animal Holocaust - YouTube
  18. Jake10

    Interesting animal facts

    I hope we can compile a long list. I'll start with something about otters. Otters have the biggest appetite pound for pound of all mammals. They need this in order to maintain the densest fur in the animal kingdom, which keeps them warm even when they sleep in cold water. P.S. I realize we...
  19. Salah

    Does human life have more value than animal life?

    I'd like to think most or all of us would answer with a resounding "yes", but then again, the outcome of 'question threads' on this forum have surprised me before:) Today I was thinking about it. It seems the plight of some animals - from endangered species around the world, to family pets -...
  20. W

    Animal Life in ancient Sumeria?

    Hi. I'm new here and was hoping you guys may be able to answer a couple questions for me. I'm an artist and in the planning stages of a painting based on the epic of Gilgamesh but I need to know what sorts of animals (wild animals) would have lived outside the ancient city of Uruk? I've googled...