1. VHS

    Developments of plush or stuffed animals

    Plush animals, soft toys, stuffies, stuffed animals, all refer to the same thing. Arctophile is a lover of teddy bears; we can deduce that teddy bears were the quintessential stuffies. Soft toys must have a long history; and some of my relatives prefer stuffies over real animals. They are...
  2. RidiculousName

    How to Tell Whether Two Animals can Produce Offspring?

    I recently caught a mouse I believe is a white-footed mouse or Peromyscus leucopus. It is almost identical to the deer mouse or Peromyscus Maniculatus. Mice are social animals and I am considering catching another so that it can have some company. I am not very familiar with scientific...
  3. Jake10

    Documented cases of wild animals attempting to have pets

    By that, I would mean in the wild and not in captivity. Are there examples of this?
  4. S

    How did S.A. natives survive the dangerous animals?

    I hope this is an appropriate question for this sub-forum. I'm reading The Lost City of Z which describes the wide variety of dangerous plants and animals that Percy Fawcett's expeditions had to deal with. The various poisonous plants, venomous snakes, and dangerous insects took a severe toll...
  5. D

    laws and regulations about wild animals

    Hello.Before the discovering of America (1492) there was jaguars and pumas (couguars) in a lot of parts of America.With the conquest,these animals have been exterminated.At which time the government of USA decide to protect these animals which were in danger to disparition ? Thank you.
  6. N

    Unusual animals used in warfare

    We all know animals like dogs, horses and elephants have been used by the military. But this thread is about the more unusual animals in military service. Please post. I got the idea reading about the Soviet reindeer battalion in WWII. More than a 6000 reindeer and 1000 herders were mobilized...
  7. B

    The amazing mole rat and other animals

    First of all we discover mole rats are unlikely to get cancer now its been discovered they can survive without oxygen for 18 minuets. This is apparently achieved by altering their cells to be powered by fructose (like a plant) rather than glucose (like a mammal). Naked mole-rats ?turn into...
  8. The merchant of Venice

    Animal rights in history

    What type of legislation has existed in history regarding the treatment of animals? How often was there some type of protection for them? Is it mainly a modern development, or has been there some significant legislation in the past? I'm specifically talking about laws, not just cultural...
  9. Krtagni

    Indo-European names for animals

    A little chilled and lighthearted discussion spared of big jargons and volumes of papers once in a while is refreshing. :D Analyzing the common and cognate words especially those of a technical or biological nature including names of plants and animals and identifying the possible locations of...
  10. F

    Toponyms associated with animals

    I'd like to have a list of places historically/traditionally known by names associated (literally or etymologically, or else) with animals including fabulous monsters / imaginary creatures. I'll begin with - Arctic: of bear (ἄρκτος) Avernus: without birds...
  11. antiquarian

    Human Animals

    In your opinion are humans more rational or irrational animals? Please base your opinion off people you personally know in real life. Family, friends, coworkers, etc. vs people you read about or see on tv.
  12. notgivenaway

    Moving animals to different habitats

    If chimps were moved from rainforests in the Congo into savannahs in Kenya or South Africa, would they over time appear/look like australopithecenes? just a random thought I had since they'd have to learn to adapt and run since they're far less trees to swing on. :laugh: They'd have no issues...
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    Animals in Warfare BESIDES Elephants and Horses

    What animals were used for warfare besides horses and elephants?
  14. Salah

    Man-eating animals

    Most members of the Animal Kingdom are capable of inflicting harm on humans, and a number of species have been accused of eating people. There's even at least one case on file of a starving zoo elephant killing and eating a human. However, animals that literally regard us as food are very few...
  15. Jake10

    At what point do domesticated animals become different species?

    In the case of cats, I've heard claims that alley cats are a distinct species from house cats and wild cats, because they exhibit significant differences in behavior. So, if we set out to domesticate animals, at what point will they become a different species from the wild ones?
  16. Druzhina

    Dr. Kaempfer's Album of Persian Costumes and Animals, 1684-5

    Dr. Kaempfer's Album of Persian Costumes and Animals, 1684-5 including pictures of: . Persian Royal Bodyguard and Palace Usher . Persian Musketeers . Persian or Turkic Cavalryman In 1683 Dr. Kaempfer joined the Swedish embassy to visit the Shah of Persia. The embassy traveled from Moscow...
  17. Menshevik

    Our relationship with animals

    “Perhaps in the back of our minds we already understand, without all the science I've discussed, that something terribly wrong is happening. Our sustenance now comes from misery. We know that if someone offers to show us a film on how our meat is produced, it will be a horror film. We...
  18. P

    low on the food chain animals & their effect

    Animals and the environent tends many times to focus on the top of the food chain species. Right now from New York state trough Northern New England the brown bat population has declined 8 million during the past few years. One brown bat eats approximately 1 thousand mosquitoes in an hour. My...
  19. caldrail

    Animals For The Arena

    A day at the Colosseum began with beast hunts in the morning. Firstly predators are set loose against prey. Possibly a pair of dangerous animals are pitted against one another. Perhaps a bear and a bull are chained to one another then goaded into displays of anger. Then the bestiarii walk into...
  20. Brisieis

    Animals which use the Cosmos?

    OK, I say animals but name any earthly creature you wish. Which species use the cosmos for navigation and other uses? I read once that moths travel towards the light because they use the light of the moon and stars to navigate, if I'm incorrect please let me know, I cannot remember where I...