1. Futurist

    Could any U.S. President in the 1890s have realistically annexed Cuba?

    Could any U.S. President in the 1890s have realistically annexed Cuba? While I am aware of the Teller Amendment, could a different U.S. President have prevented it from passing had he acted early enough in regards to Cuba? For instance, could a different U.S. Administration have tried to...
  2. Futurist

    How much larger would Cuba's population be if the US annexed it in the 19th century?

    How much larger would Cuba's population be if the U.S. annexed it sometime in the 19th century? In this scenario, would Cuba have experienced an extremely massive population boom in the 20th and 21st centuries just like Florida did in real life? Also, would Florida have had a smaller...
  3. K

    How Hawaii was annexed by the USA

    The 1897 Petition Against the Annexation of Hawaii However, in 1898 the battleship Maine blew up in Havana harbor, triggering the Spanish-American war. Native Hawaiian hopes to remain independent sank right along with that ship.
  4. A

    was Gilgit and baltistan part of Afghanistan before Dogras annexed it ?

    Both Gilgit and baltistan Hve their own local ethinic groups who are similar to other Dardoc groups of Eastern Afghanistan/Khyber region such as nooristani, Chatraili, Kalasha etc and have different origin from Indo-Aryan(with minor Dardic influence) Kashmiris. The region is also right next to...
  5. VHS

    If the USA annexed Mexico

    I recalled that the USA once had the opportunity to annex all of Mexico; instead, Mexico ceded all of its northern territories. What might have happened if the USA annexed all of Mexico? It would be the second largest country today. Would we have much more English speakers today? How...
  6. C

    What if the USA had annexed and made States out of Mexico, Cuba, Japan, and Iraq?

    Just imagine-what if the US was much more ambitious in its history, and it decided to annex the entirety of Mexico as new States to the US instead of just the parts of it that are now the US today (like California, New Mexico, etc.), the entire island of Cuba after the Spanish-American War...
  7. LatinoEuropa

    Olivênça annexed by Spain

    Silence of the Dead Memory Everyone knows that in Olivenza are buried thousands of Portuguese who gave their lives for centuries to defend the country we now inhabit. Everyone knows but all pretend to ignore. No tax is paid them, no evocation them is made. Everyone knows that the occupation...
  8. C

    If the Third Reich annexed England, what would have become of the Celtic nations?

    If the Nazis had carried out a successful Operation Sea Lion, the UK would have been an ally or satellite of the Nazis. Even though Hitler wanted to keep the Empire intact, he wanted to have England an ally in the near future. In his speeches, Hitler called the British monarch "the King of...
  9. WeisSaul

    WI Israel had annexed Gaza and returned most of the West Bank after 1967?

    What if Israel has just annexed Gaza in 1967 like it did East Jerusalem and the Golan and it had returned the West Bank (or most of it, maybe Israel keeps a chunk here and there) to Jordan? All Arabs annexes would be offered Israeli citizenship.
  10. Decembrist

    Would you agree to be annexed by Switzerland if you lived in Zimbabwe?

    Doesn't matter the color of your skin but mentally you'd be as you are. Yes or no? PS: Please, don't hurry to vote untill you think very good abot the subject, read the thread completly, etc.
  11. jeroenrottgering

    Why didn't Hitler apply true conscription among the annexed territories?

    Most of us know that many non-Germans fought in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS during the second world war. But to my knowledge all these foreign legions were volunteers. Here a list from whom served (voluntarely) in the Waffen SS Albania: 9000 Armenia: 4000 Belgium: 22,000 Bulgaria: 700...
  12. Veritas

    Should the West have Annexed the Middle East Oil Fields?

    When the Anglos created the world-changing combustion engine, should the West have annexed the oil fields in the middle East to secure the blood of their economies instead of propping up native, tribal rulers? Why did this not happen? Now we pay nomadic tribes trillions per year for having the...
  13. S

    America should have annexed the entire New World

    The United States took over a lot of the Caribbean and Central American countries at the turn of the 20th century. We should have kept those. Also, when we conquered Mexico back int he 19th century we should have annexed it, instead of what we did do (install a friendly government). We also...