1. Rajeev

    Caste System in India - History & Annihilation

    Historically there have been two disadvantaged groups in the Indian caste system (i) Outcastes (now called 'Dalits'), and (ii) Shudras (now broadly called 'Other Backward Classes'/OBCs). Fight against discriminatory Caste System in last 70 years: It is a two-pronged fight as under. (i)...
  2. Karl XII

    Greatest battles of Annihilation

    I did some more research this time and hopefully most of you will agree with my choices. Although there is no set definition for a battle of annihilation I've picked a somewhat arbitrary number of the defeated force's army losing at least 25 % of their force through death, wounds or capture. For...
  3. Karl XII

    Greatest battles of annihilation

    Ive included a poll but make sure to comment and explain your choices. Ive understood that ive missed tons of battles so please bring them up if you want. Also no naval battles! That will be for a different thread.