1. J

    Anthropological photos of some European nations (group photos)

    For correct estimation of average pigmentation Do not count the hair color of women , who have frequently dyed / colored their original hair color. Do not count or gray hair of old people, concentrate only on the men)
  2. Kahu

    The Ruamahanga Skull - An Anthropological puzzle

    This find really opens quite a controversy ranging from the testing results are wrong to fringe speculation that New Zealand was settled by the ancient Celts. It is a fascinating puzzle, never-the-less. A skull found in a riverbed and treated by police as a possible murder, became bloodline...
  3. C

    International Relationships Status Quo, economical versus anthropological approach

    Discussing with a friend how to change things for the better he came off as very conservative from my viewpoint, he held the position that economy is the greatest driving force in international relationships, that there would never be a unified world government and that third world countries...