1. B

    Anthropology - Eliade "The Sacred and The Profane"

    "What are the differences then between historical method and ethnographic method, if we use these terms in the strict sense defined at the beginning of this essay? Both history and ethnography are concerned with societies other than the one in which we live." - p.16 - "... ethnography consists...
  2. N

    Book/paper on agriculture in pre-colonial West Africa

    Hello, I search a book or a paper on pre-colonial Agriculture in West Africa, do you've suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Kiara

    Career Guidance I need tips for pursuing Archaeology

    I am close to entering college and I'm going to be studying Anthropology first and then get a transfer to a University with a good Archaeology program. I have done some research on tips for starting Archaeology but more tips is always helpful. I also want to know what I can do to be around other...
  4. C

    The Anthropology of History

    I enjoy history quite a lot, but much of the history I'm interested in comes from an anthropological angle, and sometimes I like to combine the two and think about history itself from an anthropological perspective. In other words, I like to think about how people and historians have...
  5. ghostexorcist

    Destroy This Mad Brute (WWI propaganda poster)

    Destroy This Mad Brute (WWI propaganda poster) (Last Update: 4-16-15) By Jim R. McClanahan I created the following PowerPoint presentation for a brief talk I gave to my university's primatology club. It uses a WWI propaganda poster, entitled "Destroy This Mad Brute", as a centerpiece to...
  6. ghostexorcist

    Destroy This Mad Brute (WWI propaganda poster)

    I created the following PowerPoint presentation for a brief talk I gave for my university's primatology club. It uses a WWI propaganda poster (below) as a centerpiece to explore cultural perceptions of apes, particularly chimps and gorillas, from throughout history. I've added more to it...
  7. civfanatic

    Haya people: 2,000-year old African steel producers?

    Apparently, the Haya of northwest Tanzania had been manufacturing carbon steel for around 2,000 years. I suspected that African metallurgy was more advanced that what it usually gets credit for, but this was quite unexpected. Anyone have more information about the Haya people and their history...
  8. PhoenicianSemite

    Anthropology of the Rioting Youth Historical Rioting, Modern Rioting & Utopian Rioting.
  9. ghostexorcist


    Entry deleted
  10. D

    Origins of Slavs: Archaeology, Linguistics, Anthropology, History

    Various theories indicate different origins of Slavs, depending on which branch of science (listed in the thread title) they are based. A truly complex theory, encompassing and analyzing results of research of all branches of science into one logical conclusion, has yet to be developed...
  11. Northern Line

    Were ancient tribes happier?

    Anthropologists and other people who observe 'primitive' cultures often remark how people are happier in smaller groups of a few families rather than the modern way of life of interconnectedness. Even though Bronze Age Europeans would not have had the medicine or knowledge of today, is it...
  12. Y

    Career Guidance Any advice would be great!

    I've been looking at being an archaeologist forever but I thought I might have to settle for double majoring in anthropology and history because it is all sort of intertwined. But my dream is to be an archaeologist. I love eastern civilizations and the middle east of course but I also want to do...
  13. A

    History of Skepticism: Adam and Eve?

    I am doing work on the history of anthropological thought. Anthropology has long been focused on establishing a framework for what constitutes an adequate grouping of individuals to study. The group generates a sort of metaphysical meta-entity that anthropologists attempt to describe...
  14. RonPrice

    Rome on tv legitimacy: Then and now

    ROME ON TV LEGITIMACY: THEN AND NOW During 2005 to 2007, the first two years of my full retirement from FT, PT and casual-volunteer work, the British-American–Italian historical drama television series Rome premiered. This series was available on DVD in 2009, but I do not buy DVDs...
  15. PolishK

    Cultural Anthropology vs. Historical Sociology

    Cultural Anthropology vs. Historical Sociology? I have to write a formal essay comparing and contrasting these two different schools of thought - the problem is, I'm having difficulty understanding the differences. Who are key contributors? Anything important that I...
  16. okamido

    Most Significant Archaeological Find

    Developed from Antiquarianism in the 19th century, the discipline of archaeology seeks to study human society through the recovery of that which has come before. I am curious to find out what our vast and well-learned members may feel are some of the most significant and fascinating finds...
  17. R

    Any Anthropology Experts ?

    I have a friend who is really into Anthropology, especially that pertaining to the Sub-Saharan regions of Africa. He has this "thing" where he can look at a person and determine where they might have descended from. He doesn't use terms that most associate with Ethnicity or Nationality, but...
  18. P

    Cultural anthropology supports migration of ancient Africans to Europe?

    . . This thread looks at speculative evidence of a cultural anthropological nature of African migration to Europe> . .
  19. P

    Cultural anthropology supports migration from Africa to the Americas via Australia?

    . . . .