1. holoow

    Are all Gods anthropomorphic?

    While anthropomorphism more common in primitive religions, Gods in 'higher' religions also have anthropomorphic traits. Why God needs any father ( or son )? Why Gods never act beyond human feelings and emotions? For example goddess Kali feel the wrath etc. Isn't it strange to believe in loving...
  2. K43op5

    A kind of celtic anthropomorphic gladius but what region and period???

    Hi, I have what seems to be a kind of gladius (60 cm long including hilt and 5 cm wide blade). It has an anthropomorphic hilt. When looking closely it seems to be very greenish (the brown being mostly mud). Hilt also seems to be greenish. Here are the pics so that you can see it. Any...
  3. C

    Celtic Anthropomorphic Swords

    Anthropomorphic swords (and daggers):
  4. C

    Have you ever doubted anthropomorphic polytheism?

    Have you ever doubted anthropomorphic polytheism? Those individuals who comprehend such things, in this case I am speaking of art historians in general and Alois Riegl in particular, inform me that the worldview of primitive wo/man at the very beginnings of human history was founded upon an...