1. P

    3.7mm anti aircraft cannon a missed opportunity

    Bt general consent most British military historins agree that the stabndard British anti tank gun in 1939-41 -the 2 pounder was a poor creature when deployed against Nazi tanks like the Panzer Mark IV onwards. And the Boyes anti tank rifle was an even bigger joke against German armour. However...
  2. F

    Are there anti-science and anti historical attitudes?

    Here I mean scepticism against sciences, here in wide sense, that could include also History.If there is widespread scepticism among some parts of the populations, a non willingness to accept what all the "experts" or prtofessionals says, how is such scepticism (sometimes just ignorance) to be...
  3. tomar

    Has anti racism become extremist ? We now see a multiplication of events which are "reserved" to people of color, or women of color or some kind of "minority"... In plain language "whites not welcome" or "white men not welcome" In this latest...
  4. Magnate

    German anti tank guns

    How effective were the german anti-tank guns? We all know that germany struggled to produce enough tanks. So producing anti tank guns must have been a cheaper and better option to stop the allies tank hordes.
  5. E

    Renassaince is a anti turk movement?

    I have a muslim friend. We talked together about Modernism, Science and Renaissance.He says that Muslims and Turks are the same thing and claims that there is no Turk as etnic group. According to him, the Turks(as ethnic group)was invented by Europeans to move away turks(jihadist Muslim) from...
  6. J

    If Christianity is supposed to be anti racism, then why were so many societies racist

    Like with the treatment of the native people and slaves of other races, if that is supposed to be against the bible, then why did it occur? Are there any instances of people condemning discrimination in early christianity?
  7. G

    What is the theory for Anti AMT/AIT school on Mittani and Indo-Iranians

    The similarities between Mittanis and Iranians with Indo-Aryans is very close to be ignored. So how does their narrative fit into the non AIT/AMT theory school of thought? How do they reconcile these into the framework?
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    British Labour politicians - antisemitic?

    There's currently a bit of a scandal going on over in ol Blighty with a few of the Labour MPs being accused of antisemitic remarks: Jeremy Corbyn denies crisis as Ken Livingstone suspended - BBC News Labour suspends former London mayor Ken Livingstone in anti-Semitism row | Reuters "Labour...
  9. L

    Anti Elephant Tactics

    I was just playing Medieval 2 total war and was just thinking, is there any Historical tatics vs Elephants?:cool:
  10. G

    Why has China not joined anti ISIS war

    Since Chinese nationals were killed by ISIS in few of its videos. Plus ISIS is angered by China banning Ramazan fasting and banning Hijab in Uighur areas. Now why is China not entering. Russia, UK, US and France all have come in. China is the only Security Council member not involved. Why? Is it...
  11. C

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day?

    Why didn't the Germans use anti personnel bombs on D Day? Source: Butterfly Bombs - Axis History Forum Considering how good they were against groups of soldiers marching or running or just in close proximity with one another not only in the East but in Italy and North Africa, why weren't they...
  12. England Expects

    Was Fascism anti Semitic to begin with?

    Several relatively prominent Jews became fascist officials in Mussolini's Italy, and widespread pro Anti-Semitic activity only began AFTER the creation of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich's position of authority over the Italian nation, its main ally (when Hitler began to influence and dominate...
  13. M

    Best Shoulder fired light Anti Tank Rocket Launcher

    Which is the best Light shoulder fired rocket launcher?
  14. G

    Nations without any history of anti semitism

    Nations where the jews took refuge but never saw any incidents of anti semitism among the native rulers?
  15. C

    How extensive was the German anti partisan campaign in the USSR?

    What was the total amount of German troops used in the anti partisan/rear security war during the Eastern Front? This of course were the actions taken to eliminate the partisan problem in German occupied territory, mostly consisting of reprisal actions against civilian populations and wiping out...
  16. unity

    Tibetan anti Christian anti foreign rebellion in 1905

    In 1904 the British launched an expedition against Lhasa out of fear of Russian influence in Tibet. The Qing also began a land reform program in the area which the Tibetan Lamas didn't like, and allowed French Catholic missionaries in after pressure from France. The next year, a massive...
  17. W

    Did the Anti War Demonstrations Shorten the War in Vietnam?

    I was alive at the time of the Vietnam war so my perspective may be too personal and not terribly objective. So I want to ask you bunch of objective historian if anti war demonstrations shorten the war. My parents and relatives, not a very liberal cast of characters, were opposed to the war...
  18. P

    A good anti- nazi german.

    In April 1933 Nazi scumbags carried out the very first shootings (first of many to follow) at the newly opened Nazi concentration camp at Dachau near, Munich. Bavaria. Among the four German Jews murdered by shooting that day was a 22 year old male who was just about to leave Germany to study...
  19. F

    anti west phenomenon

    I am amused by the prevailing anti-west sentiments now popular in the world despite USA winning the cold war being a "good" thing (Africa is exploding because extreme socialism is dying- infact south africa and north africa are the stagnates because of poor citizen income and food subsidies...
  20. Phil25

    21% of World's Population have Anti Semitic Views.

    According to a poll conducted by Anti-Defamation League and reported by The Wall Street Journal, 21% of World Population have Anti Semitic Views. The results of the Poll were as follows- Religion Favorable Unfavorable Jews 38% 21%...