1. Princess Of Manchester

    Was Marie Antoinette her own undoing?

    Was Marie Antoinette her own undoing? With her spending and gambling and partying? Or not?
  2. Y

    Marie Antoinette's children were extramarital?

    From a certain source of information I got to a conclusion that Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) never had anything with her husband Louis XVI of France. From my source of information their marriage was political and emotions were very far from it. So all children that she gave birth to were not...
  3. CathareHeretic

    Marie Antoinette yet

    Quebecers movie with Spanish subtitle
  4. V

    Marie Antoinette(movie)

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the right forum but I really hope I can get some assistance! I am currently completing an essay on the movie Marie Antoinette. There is a specific scene in the movie that I am studying, however, I cannot seem to figure out where this scene was shot. I have added...
  5. Mark Jessop

    Marie Antoinette: the Austrian Woman

    AUDIO ESSAY = French Revolution Podcast - other pages: A true Woman of the Ages 00:59 the plume of feathers 04:14 Maria Antonia 06:29 at first she is popular 08:06 she turns to fashion 10:38 she makes enemies 13:37...
  6. Axel

    The Glamorous and Tragic Life of Marie Antoinette

    Collage entitled "Chic Queen Faces the Guillotine" by author. The collage image to the right is a sketch of Marie Antoinette by Jacques David, as she road to her public execution in 1793, not yet 38 years old. Marie Antoinette was the beautiful Queen of France who became a symbol for the...
  7. Axel

    Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette!

    In honor of her birthday, I post below a close up of Marie Antoinette from the above portrait of the Queen in blue velvet by Vigee LeBrun in 1788. Below is a further image from that...
  8. Axel

    Marie Antoinette's new throne: Her world in shambles

    June 1791...It was just three years ... Hard to believe the changes that occurred … in just three years. Yet, looking at two pictures of Queen Marie Antoinette seated on two different chairs, 3 years apart, we can see how dramatic change can be... THE FIRST IMAGE: EARLY AUTUMN 1788 It...
  9. Axel

    Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?

    My favorite princess of the royal blood is Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen of France until she was overthrown in the French Revolution. I find her fascinating. Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette? What makes this 18th century Queen so interesting 200 years later? I would...
  10. Axel

    Flight to Varennes 1791

    On the night of June 20, 1791, the King and Queen of France, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette fled from their palace disguised as servants of the Russian Baroness de Korff. The supposed Baroness was in reality the governess of the royal children. The King, Queen, their children and the...
  11. Axel

    What if Marie Antoinette was murdered in 1789?

    The night of October 5-6, 1789, a mob of armed women entered Versailles through an unlocked gate and made straight for the apartments of the sleeping Marie Antoinette. As her guards held off the attackers, the Queen’s ladies roused her from sleep and the Queen fled half naked to the...
  12. Axel

    1st Victim of Tabloids: Marie Antoinette

    “Let them eat cake”… It is one of the most famous quotes in history and forever linked to Queen Marie Antoinette who supposed said that when told her subjects, the French people had no bread. Yet, that quote – so arrogant, so indifferent, so callous …was actually...
  13. Axel

    Hi from 1789!

    Hi everyone, I'm Axel, an American and a bit on the older side and have been on Historium for two weeks, made some new friends here, and enjoyed the experience. :) Glad I found you! :) This is my first online general history forum since I was on The History Vine in 1998-2000 before THV went...
  14. HistoryFreak1912

    How much power did Marie Antoinette really have?

    From what I understand of France circa the French Revolution, just about everyone and their puppy wanted to blame the Queen Marie Antoinette for just about anything that went wrong. Granted, life for the common French citizen wasn't easy at all, and I can understand why they would vent their...
  15. Axel

    Affair of the Queen's Necklace

    In 1786, the Diamond Necklace Affair or the Affair of the Queen's Necklace rocked France. This included an 11 month trial which made celebrities of all the participants and caused a great scandal for the French monarchy, devastating to the reputation of France's already unpopular queen, Marie...
  16. CathareHeretic

    The End of Marie Antoinette!

    Poor Woman im Republican and i no great Love for Monarchie but Guillotined a Woman Queen or Not a Mother is rude . I understand the Logic after the Political Point of Wiew but after Human Point of Wiew is really ....Horrible I preferred the Republic guards the former royal family in hostages...
  17. Hestia

    Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna

    Marie Antoinette and Tsarina Alexandra: two queen consorts that would come to be reviled by the French and Russians, respectively, before meeting their unfortunate ends at the hands of revolutionaries. They were both victims of xenophobia, but they also demonstrated qualities and made choices...
  18. History Detective

    Marie Antoinette's Fondness for Benjamin Franklin

    Hi, all! I have found a couple of nice anecdotes about Marie Antoinette's fondness for Benjamin Franklin in the book The Story of Versailles by Francis Loring Payne (New York: Moffat, Yard & Company, 1919). I really like these. I can imagine the queen enjoying Franklin's company--probably a...
  19. okamido

    Marie Antoinette

    My brother-in-law was lamenting the 16th of October, and knowing what I know of him, I asked, "Why, because some Austrian chick got her head lopped off?" His response was, "You could say that. I say she was used as a symbol for propaganda against the monarchy and was murdered." True, she...
  20. jeroenrottgering

    Execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: Crime or justified?

    Was the execution of Louis XVI and his wife in your opinion a crime that should never have happened or do you think their execution was justified? Enlight me with your opinions.