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    Serb scientists that participated in the Apollo program: Milojko Vučelić, Danilo Bojić, Pavle Duić, Milisav Šurbatović, Petar Galović, Slavoljub Vujić, David Vujić
  2. Temple of Apollo at Corinth

    Temple of Apollo at Corinth

    Temple of Apollo at Corinth
  3. M

    Alexander the Great in the Old Testament.

    Alexander the Great isn't mentioned by name in the Old Testament, what is rather peculiar, the history in the OT end with the reign of Darius III (Neh 12:22) the last King of Persia, which follows into the conquests of Alexander the Great. The Bible as the Old Testament and New Testament, why...
  4. Widdekind

    Nero liked the Lyre to appear as Apollo

    According to the EVN documentary Gods & Heroes of Greece & Rome, the God Apollo played the lyre, with great skill, and could be considered the patron of poetry & music. Ergo, by promoting a public perception, of his acumen with an instrument sacred to Apollo, Nero could portray himself as the...
  5. AlpinLuke

    Apollo 11, failure

    It's not so known, but the most difficult moment of the mission to the Moon of Apollo 11 was when the LEM had to switch the engine on to take off from the soil of our natural satellite. In fact, after hours and hours in open space, under the bombing of cosmic radiation, with the consume of...
  6. A

    Delos The birthplace of Apollo

    Today, the sacred island of Delos in the Cyclades is almost deserted. But in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC it was the linchpin of a multitude of trading routes, and became one of ancient Greece’s busiest and most prosperous ports. The first glimpse the traveller caught of the tiny island of...
  7. 3Schmoes

    Apollo 11

    I made a video about the first moon landing. Obviously, there are hundreds of facts I didn't cover, but it's just meant to be something entertaining that hopefully piques some interests. First Moon Landing - Apollo 11 - YouTube
  8. Sharks and love

    Apollo 13 partially saved by an MIT student who called in?

    OK. So I was reading this internet interview thread (Great source, I know.. :rolleyes: ), and supposedly, a 97 year old who says he worked on Apollo missions 1 through 14, says one did. These are his words: ------- "All the engineers and everybody else at NASA in Houston were working hard at...
  9. C

    Were the Apollo Moon Landings faked?

    it is often one of the most talked about being a conspiracy along with 9/11 etc... alot of people think it was faked, alot of people think its real, what do you think were the moon landings faked or real
  10. AlpinLuke

    Apollo 11: to the Moon in a tin can

    The thread about Columbus' little ship gave me the idea to post also a topic related to the incredible adventure of program Apollo, from the same perspective. My passion for space exploration begun in 1981 with the first launch of a Space Shuttle [the poster is still there in my bedroom]...
  11. Thessalonian

    Moon photographs reveal tracks and trash left by Apollo astronauts

    "Nasa images offer a sharper look at remnants of US lunar landings from 1969 to 1972" Moon photographs reveal tracks and trash left by Apollo astronauts | Science | guardian.co.uk
  12. P

    Gilgamesh & Enkidu as Apollo & Dionysus?

    Greetings everyone. I am about to engage in some research regarding a topic of my choosing which revolves around a Nietzschean reading of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Any opinions and/or resources/links to articles or authors which you think would benefit my research would be greatly appreciate. As...
  13. tjadams

    Apollo 11 Swatch to Be Sold

    Swatch From Apollo 11 Moon-Bound Flag Goes to Auction Published July 10, 2011 | Associated Press It was one small step for man. Now one small strip from the famed flag planted on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission is set to go to auction. "This is the most-viewed flag in American history,"...