1. O

    An apology to the world

    Nikki Haley in the UN supposedly talked to the UN like she was a gangster laying down the law. Her boss did not apparently realize it was a non-binding resolution that could be vetoed. I actually am in favor of eventually letting Jerusalem being Israel's capital. I'm not even that crazy about...
  2. S

    Apology from the Queen requested

    https://www.ft.com/content/1ab59e1c-f2fc-11e3-85cd-00144feabdc0 Published in the Financial Times, the blame for the First Opium War (1839-42) was placed squarely on Queen Victoria and an apology was requested from the present Queen. The demand came from a European academic teaching in Hong...
  3. Efendi

    Rape apology

    Rape apology. For those who see the women as flesh, on flesh.... women is defined only as flesh, in the way human mind describe the things with their functions important to them. It is so especially when the main important function of women is regarded to be her sexuality dominantly above her...
  4. Naomasa298

    MacArthur's rebuffing Hirohito's apology

    According to Wikipedia, Emperor Hirohito offered a formal apology to MacArthur (and thereby the US) for Japanese actions in WW2, including Pearl Harbor. However, when the Emperor arrived to offer the apology, MacArthur refused to acknowledge or admit him. My question is - why? Why on Earth...
  5. owsley

    Should Royals apologise for serfdom?

    I think as part of responsible government, of which Royals are a primordial form, they should. I would have been better off without it.
  6. jeroenrottgering

    Should Europeans offer their apologies for their colonization?

    Why are their still a lot of countries who still want payments or apologizes from their old colonizers. What is the use? Of course slavery is a bad thing, but the average European has changed and I see really no use in offering an apologize. What is your opinion about this? Should the Europeans...