1. M

    Maryland Appreciation...

    Hello historum... So I must say, Maryland had never really been on my radar until someone I know went there and mentioned it as a very pretty and friendly place..:cool: I decided to read a bit about it and I learned it has a very unique story! It was one of the last states to ratify the...
  2. Panthera tigris altaica

    Appreciation for contemporary military dress (Very Large link collection)

    Source: Reddit's Military Porn. The gear they wear and bear. Be it battle, combat, ceremonial or standard issue uniforms. What is worn today will be looked at with an historical eye tomorrow. I think contemporary uniforms are just as fascinating as the what was worn in the past. (The pictures...
  3. R

    on strike

    I am not giving any more of my info or discoveries away for free until the stuck-up snob mainstream orthodox academics / scholars / Arthurians all apologise for the mean cruel negative way they have treated me and insulted me and defamed me over the last number of years (esp certain people on...
  4. the curious cat

    Art Appreciation and Interpretation - IMPRESSIONISM

    Hey, everyone. So, these days, a professor of mine who also happens to be a part time art historian, was talking to us about a few major art movements from the West. Impressionism, post-impressionism and expressionism, out of those many, are my personal favourites. Since it's been only a few...
  5. i_am_the_walrus

    For the appreciation of Jazz music

    The title says it all! I'll start with the legend of the genre. It's the opening track of the mastepiece Kind of Blue: So What by.Miles Davis - YouTube Feel free to contribute by posting videos of your favourite jazz artists and songs so we can broaden our musical knowledge!
  6. Mohammed the Persian

    For the appreciation of Middle Eastern Culture

    Yes I know, the title is fairly similar to GMC's (Hopefully, he won't court martial me :wacko:). In light of the previous rocky years of the Middle East, I mean we've had an invasion and a couple...
  7. General Michael Collins

    For the discussion and Appreciation of Celtic Folk Music

    As the Title says, A great idea by Olly. Let's start with those two timeless classics YouTube - The Dubliners-Rocky Road to Dublin YouTube - The Wild rover