1. P

    inspiration to approach in keto fit

    its proceeding with utilize. Along keto fit se lines, keto fit re is no inciting inspiration to approach in keto fit matter of for what substantial reason you are not getting alive and well, essentially get keto fit program and begin with this supplement and oketo fit r extra things. What is...
  2. notgivenaway

    Could Hitler have won the war had he had a phased approach?

    If one looks at all countries that were or potentially were opposed to 1939, then it far exceeds the Axis. Britain and France's empires were greater than Germany, Italy, and Japan, and the USA and USSR were Hitler's racial and ideological opponents. He didn't just hate Slavs, but democracy too...
  3. B

    Illyrian and Albanian - a linguistic approach

    This thread purports to give a detailed overview on Albanian as being the sole survivor of Illyrian language(s). Much ink has been spilt in pinpointing the predecessor of modern Albanian. I myself hold the view that Albanian is quite likely stemmed from Illyrian, regardless that this language is...
  4. G

    How should the Syrian Kurds approach this issue

    What do you think they should do now post the plane downing? How can they achieve their objective of uniting the three cantons if at all they can under the present circumstances?
  5. U

    How did Woodrow Wilson and FDR approach foreign war.

    Hello i'm stuck on this question And I think I have some answers but I just wanted to check and see what you guys think. 1. what were their views before entering the war? 2.Why, or what were the key factors committing to united states involvement? 3.What types of ways did they mobilize domestic...
  6. G

    why did the hindu kingdoms not adopt a crusader approach in the subcontinent

    When Muslim kingdoms like Awadh, Rohillas and Afghans did this and even the Deccan sultanates against Vijaynagar. Why did Hindu kingdoms like Yadavas, Pandyas, Kakityas not unite against Sultanate invasion. It seems kind of stupid that when they saw the Sultanate attack kingdoms one after...
  7. B

    Is the US military approach influenced by warfare with native Americans?

    The following aspects seem influenced by warfare with native Americans. 1. Obtaining and using an overwhelming technological advantage against a much weaker opponent. Obviously, similar to recent US wars. 2. Destroying property and targetting civilians. Sherman's march etc. in the ACW. Bombing...
  8. A

    Can anyone help me with how to approach my college essay?

    Cultural and social patterns of civilizations seem to endure longer than the political framework of states and empires. What evidence from Chapters we have covered so far might support this statement? How might you account for this phenomenon? Is there evidence that could support a contrary...
  9. HistoryFreak1912

    How do you approach history?

    Do you specialize in certain aspect of history? More than one specialization? Do you attempt to treat it with seriousness, or approach it as a fun hobby? Me? I approach history as a hobby. I read what interests me at the moment, have certain areas of history I'm into, but I haven't really...
  10. H

    Questions on positive approach and on negative approach.

    Questions on positive approach and on negative approach. Naturally, positive and negative are kept close to produce stability and neutrality as an output, Positive and negative themselves will not be important, If output is null n void, Positive and negative aren’t output, Output is...
  11. C

    International Relationships Status Quo, economical versus anthropological approach

    Discussing with a friend how to change things for the better he came off as very conservative from my viewpoint, he held the position that economy is the greatest driving force in international relationships, that there would never be a unified world government and that third world countries...
  12. S

    What is the best approach toward history?

    Is a narrative or an analytical approach the best way to represent the past?
  13. Mohammed the Persian

    Libya Rebels Approach Tripoli !

    This looks like Zero Hour ! :smile1: BBC News - Libya conflict: Heavy gunfire erupts in Tripoli
  14. theauthor

    A Pragmatic Approach to History

    In the past year I've been writing keywords for my new book, which seeks to give a pragmatic and realpolitical approach to everything that happened in history. However, I'm doubting my own theory that everything in history could be explained with realpolitik. That's why I went to this site...
  15. Ragz

    At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?

    I posted this elsewhere but it is worth repeating: "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author. As a nation of freemen we will...