1. meliagrom

    Kill markings on ships

    Did any old wooden ships (roughly 17th/18th century) mark their kill with notches? Trying to figure out what these markings I discovered on a ship wreck are, it has six large ‘notches’ carved into it. (The notches are 5 across with 1 through)
  2. I


    modern day grave robbing? Sure it is for the sake of science but in fact they are desecrating ancient burial sites
  3. G

    Biblical City of Sodom?

    Has the biblical city of Sodom been found in southern Jordan? Archaeologist, Steven Collins, thinks so. Sodom, destroyed along with Gomorrah as a punishment for deviant behaviour, might have been excavated in the location known as Tall el-Hamaam. The Bronze Age city is expansive and fits the...
  4. anmol

    Career Guidance I am an Engineering Graduate - What type of work I can get in Archeology

    I have been interested in Indus Valley Civilization since I have been a Kid- But now as I have graduated as an engineer - Is there any prospect for an Engineer to work in Archeology - How can I do so
  5. B

    Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh, Biblical Archeology truth

    New to the forums, felt this post was best in Ancient history. I have been looking at the history of the bible, trying to match up history events that give the bible truth of what it says. Looking at a lot of websites I find it hard to see what is accurate and not. I found this one website after...
  6. Petyo

    Architects working in the fields of History & Archeology

    Hi there! I am opening this thread with the hope that anyone professionally occupied with history can share their experience with architects. But first some backstory! Since early childhood I have always been fascinated with history and this interest of mine has never waned. Despite this, I...
  7. P

    Father of archeology

    By 1200 Rome was in disrepair. Its streets were dirty fouled by grazing sheep or cows. Dangerous gangs walked the city. Monuments were not seen as having a valuable meaning from the past. At this time in the merchant port of Anacona, Cyriacus Pizzecolli was brought to help reform the...
  8. Tairusiano

    Sanctuary of Pedra Preta

    In Paranaíta in the Amazon region of the State of Mato Grosso is located the Sanctuary of Pedra Preta (Black stone) one of the biggest pictograms panel and one of the most obscures too. first, it was just a block of dark rock lost in the Amazon jungle. But when the researchers arrived in the...
  9. Lucius Vorenus

    Ancient archeology and history of Balkans

    Although I'm quite sure there is similar topic somewhere around, I haven't found it, so if there is, moderators are free to do their job. Intention of this thread is to present archeological and historical places of Balkans from the earliest prehistoric times until early medieval age. I've...
  10. Zarin

    Archeology, politics and startling discoveries

    I just recently checked out this site on "Bosnian pyramids" and saw with my own eyes what looks like a perfectly symmetrical pyramid discovered near the city of Visoko, Bosnia. Just put Bosnian pyramids in your search engine and see for yourself. Also check out the site on Bosnian pyramids 2012...
  11. Caracalla

    Amateur Archeology

    I've been digging up my back garden playing Time Team with my children and I've found something interesting, but I don't have a clue what it is. There is also a lot of wood, as if there was once a building standing at the back of my garden. What should I do with what I find? I'd like to know...
  12. Shapur

    Underwater Archeology and the Battle of the Aegates Islands

    This is really cool and I can’t believe I haven’t read anything about it before. Apparently the site of the Battle of the Aegates Islands has been found. They’ve found seven bronze rams bearing Roman and Punic inscriptions and showing battle damage. They’ve also raised...
  13. D

    Archeology of the Hebrew Bible

    The tombs of Abraham. Cave of the Patriarchs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cave_of_the_Patriarchs A inscription on a tablet found at Tel Dan, which dates to about 840 B.C.E., clearly mentions a "House of David." The tomb of Jesus Limestone cows block discovered in 1961 with...
  14. W

    Books on archaeology and the Samurai

    Hi all, I've done several searches but haven't been sucessful on finding any books that deal with archeology and the Samurai..Does anyone know of any books published related to this perhaps by a smaller publishing company? Thank you
  15. Watson

    When does grave-robbing become archeology?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for archeology, I'm just curious as to what other members think. When I posted this question on another forum, I received some interesting replies. One that comes to mind was that it was only grave-robbing if it takes place in a "legitimate" cemetery. Still have...
  16. W

    Historcal scientific publication references

    Hello all. Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum and am hoping that someone can help me with finding a book reference or how to go about deciphering a book reference... Currently in Calais, France, I an developing an interest in the history of the town and surrounding countryside as for a...
  17. Kookaburra Jack

    The Chi Rho symbol as "Chrest" and the archeology of "Chrest"

    Archaeology of ‘Chrest’ Archaeology of the ‘Great and the Good’ Chi Rho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. kbear

    forbidden archeology

    YouTube - Forbidden Archeology (Part 1) has anyone watched these videos? michael cremo claims archeologists have found human remains (not all bodies, i'm talking about tools, weapons etc...) that are far older than what modern science says is plausable. they have been dated with several...