1. Z

    Indian wooden architecture

    Can anyone give example of wooden architecture in india?during gupta's or maurya's time?how they looked like and how were they built? I am thinking more close to grand buildings,thanks in advance.
  2. Naima

    Totally Original African Architecture

    I am wondering if there are samples of Uninfluenced from Western or Arab or else Original African Architecture that could also share light on how or what would be like a possible architecture if it was never influenced by external civilizations ... sort of like what happened with Meso and South...
  3. K

    Architecture of Benin Kingdom

    I was wondering if there are any books that go into the detail of housing construction in the Benin Kingdom. I want to get an idea of: - The blueprint of the houses - The materials used - How the horizontal reliefs were done - And possibly how prevalent the use of shingled roofs were This is...
  4. H

    buddhist architecture origin of many Islamic/western elements?

    1) Buddhist Arch 1st CE Gothis arch 2) Ashokan pillar imitation minarrets/ four minarets? blue mosque 3) Squinch support, afghanistan
  5. H

    Amazing 1000 years old west central indian carved temple architecture

    Mahavira Jain Temple
  6. H

    Ancient Indian architecture, one of the greatest yet least appreciated?

    i often wonder why indian architecture doesnt make to the list of fascinating ancient architecture along the lines of ancient greece, rome, egypt etc, some of the reasons i consider indian architecture to be one of the greatest ancient architecture is because 1) use of fired bricks: the reason...
  7. cachibatches

    Let's post examples of Chinese architecture that SURVIVES from the ancient world

    I just found this one, and would like to see what we can add. Stone City, first built by the Wu Kingdom ruler Sun Quan. In various threads we have posted stone tombs, mudbrick pyramids, segments of the original great wall. Let's post them all in one thread. Perhaps someone can post some...
  8. T

    How Does Ancient Knowledge Get Lost?

    Im curious. How certain big time inventions can just.. vanish. A good example would be roman concrete. The pantheon was built using molds and pouring the concrete between them. etc etc. Very revolutionizing considering you didn't have to use a keystone to hold the bricks in the arch form...
  9. J

    New site about medieval architecture

    I invite you to a new website dedicated to the monuments of medieval and antiquity please write comments and observations
  10. cachibatches

    Is there impressive monumental architecture from the ancient world yet to be found?

    Curious as to what some of y'all think. You can find dozens upon dozens of silly claims on the internet for pyramids that are actually just hills in places like Bosnia, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Niger, and any number of stories about alleged discoveries on google earth that usually...
  11. S

    Question on japanese architecture

    How do they lock their house? Does thief don't exist in ancient japan or something? I mean... it's paper door :weird:
  12. cachibatches

    Lost monumental architecture you wished still existed.

    Thoughout the ages there have been countless fine constructions which have ceased to exist through warfare, earthquake, vandalism, recycling of materials, etc. Let's post some of the them, and, if you can, please post some artist depicitons. On this thread, they will live again! I will start...
  13. Eryl Enki

    Roman vs Etruscan vs Pelasgian architecture

    There is this new lecture on the megalithic origins of Italy and the early impact of the Pelasgian over the civilizations in this region. In the lecture you can see three sets of ruins in the same area. One is Roman, the other is Etruscan and the last one megalithic (possibly Pelasgian). The...
  14. cachibatches

    Pre-Classical European Architecture and Engineering

    Good Day all, Let's make a thread posting and appreciating some of the ancient structures on Europe pre-dating the fifth century BC. I am going to make a few posts, but if anyone is out there at this hour, feel free to jump in. Barnenez cairn, France, 4850 BC Solnitsata, Bulgaria...
  15. B

    Extant records of Sudano-Sahelian palatial architecture

    I have been researching the design and construction of late medieval Malian buildings in preparation for making a speculative Lego model of Mansa Musa's now-lost royal palace "ma dugu" at Timbuktu, which he built on returning from his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1325 CE. I am mostly drawing from...
  16. Y

    architecture style of the New Royal Palace in Prague Castle?

    Hello. What is the architecture style of the New Royal Palace in Prague Castle?
  17. Y

    unknown architecture style

    Hello. What is the architecture style of this building?
  18. Y

    from what country is the Baroque architecture style?

    From what country is the Baroque architecture style? I know that Gothic style is from France and Renaissance from Italy. How about Baroque?
  19. S

    Hi Everyone,

    I just earned my Masters in American Military History and came upon this site looking for information on history from 1492-1810. I'm very excited about looking around on this site. Any American Civil War fanatics members? I also love architectural history and can't wait to be able to pick some...
  20. T

    Ancient Greece Architecture and Culture

    Hey just Curious what everyone's thoughts were on How Ancient Greece's Architecture helped to begin their civilization or Perpetuate it through time.