1. M

    Kriegsarchiv in Vienna

    Hello, Is here anybody who go into Kriegsarchiv in Vienna regularly? I need some more information about Kriegsarchiv from anybody who go there regularly. I am interested in First World War and there is archival documents of Feldjagerbataillon Nr. 32 which recruit men from distric Prešov...
  2. A

    Akhenaten (Box, Carter Archive 001K)

    I stumbled across the following under Neferneferuaten on Wikipedia, quoted as being an inscription on a box (Carter 001K) "King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands, Neferkheperure-Waenra Son of the Living Truth, Lord of Crowns, Akhenaten, Great in his duration King...
  3. Willempie

    Huygens archive is being put online

    So far only found a link in Dutch, so apologies for that. Scientific publisher Brill together with Leiden Uiversity are going to digitalize the archive of Christiaan Huygens and make it available online. Not sure when as the articles don't mention that. My guess is that it is initially only for...
  4. larkin

    Excellent Photo Archive

    I am posting a link to this excellent photo site that is mostly 1900 to the 30's Shorpy's archive is vast and printed predominantly from glass plate negatives. If you click once and once again, a savable hi-rez image comes up. There are many gems and new ones are added every other day...
  5. larkin

    California TV archive from the 60's

    For any wanting a resource of events occurring in California during the 60's this site consists of a growing library of raw local TV news reports from the San Francisco Bay Area. Rise of the Hippies, anti-war movement, Black Panthers, Student's Non-violence committee, Berkley Campus...
  6. heirtothewind

    Internet Archive

    This website [ ] is a treasure trove for obscure 19th century, and earlier, digitalized books. I recently bookmarked- Gesta Romanorum [Keller 1842] - complete Selection of Latin Stories [Wright 1842] - from 13th - 14th century mss Epitome Historiae Sacrae [Joy 1839] - with glossary...
  7. Galla Placidia

    Career Guidance Musem or Archive Jobs?

    I've recently accepted that I don't think teaching is really for me (im in Georgia (recently outdid Mississippi for Worst Education System in the US) and keep hearing all these horror stories from my teacher friends about the bureaucracy, fierce competition for jobs, etc) I have nothing but...
  8. nat47

    Convert PDF Archive Scan to Searchable PDF

    I'm not sure where to put this (please move if its in the wrong spot), but I was really hoping that someone in this community can help me. I'm trying to search through scans of an old newspaper/magazine (The True Wesleyan | The Wesleyan Church) for references to different people... There are a...
  9. Bucketfoot

    Battleships Yamato/Musashi Internet Photo Archive

    Hi folks.... Mod Edit: You've already posted this in your intro page. In the strictest since even that could be construed as spamming. Because it's historical, you can retain that one, but please do not further link on historum.
  10. J

    New "Freedom Summer" free online archive

    There is a new online archive of 25,000 documents on the Freedom Summer project in Mississippi, 1964. This free archive is in its beta release version and hundreds more documents will be added over the next several months. Overview of the 1964 Freedom Summer | Wisconsin Historical Society
  11. O

    Archive of unaired WWII interviews (Generals, Admirals, MOH winners)

    Hello WWII enthusiasts, I thought you'd all be interested in some never before aired interviews of WWII veterans, many of them Generals, Admirals, and MOH winners. My father conducted these interviews in service to his educational program that he started in the early 1980's. Please click...
  12. ghostexorcist

    Archive #10: The Wild Hunt (2)

    Entry deleted
  13. ghostexorcist

    Archive #9: The Wild Hunt

    Archive #9: The Wild Hunt The "Wild Hunt" is a Europe-wide legend about various deities or historical kings leading the souls of the damned and/or recently departed on supernatural hunts through the skies. I'm posting this paper here because it is one of the few English language works on the...
  14. ghostexorcist

    Archive #8: Strange and Terrible Newes From Cambridge

    Archive #8: Strange and Terrible Newes From Cambridge, Being a True Relation of the Quakers Bewitching of Mary Philips This document dated to the year 1659 tells the story of how an English woman named Mary Philips claimed another woman had transformed her into a horse and ridden her to a...
  15. Earl_of_Rochester

    BBC Archaeology Archive

    BBC Four - Collections - Archaeology at the BBC Might be available elsewhere to view, or non UK viewers can view it through a proxy.
  16. ghostexorcist

    Archive #7: The 1704 Letter of Pere Gozani

    Archive #7: The 1704 Letter of Pere Gozani The Jesuit Jean-Paul Gozani visited the Kaifeng Jewish community in the early 18th century. He reported what he saw and heard in a letter to his superior. The letter serves as an interesting example of the west's contemporary negative view of foreign...
  17. ghostexorcist

    Archive #6 - The Letter of the Karaite Elders of Ascalon

    Archive #6: The Letter of the Karaite Elders of Ascalon The Letter of the Karaite elders of Ascalon (c. 1100) was a communication written by six elders of the Karaite Jewish community of Ascalon, Israel and sent to their coreligionists in Alexandria, Egypt after the fall of Jerusalem in 1099...
  18. olly

    John peel's music archive

    Have fun :) John Peel's Record Archive
  19. Caracalla

    Queen Victoria Archive Goes Online

    BBC News - Queen Victoria archive goes online a news article Queen Victoria Online Scrapbook the website
  20. ghostexorcist

    Archive #5: The 1663 Stone Inscriptions

    Archive #5: The 1663 Stone Inscriptions The 1663 inscription is engraved on the front and back of a single limestone stele. Here are the scans for both sides. Again, I had to use my scanning wand to do these, so some may appear slightly warped. FRONT Chinese...