1. No Bias FTW

    Japanese Arisaka runs most efficiently in dirty conditions!!!

    A0msFCTY7hI I'm sure the stereotypes from primary sources (American soldiers) will always contain a grain of truth. But man, a lot of misconceptions I've heard about Japanese weaponry were blown away by these several demonstrations. When choosing M1 Garand or Arisaka, I would choose the...
  2. G

    Japanese Arisaka ID

    turns out my Arisaka is a Swiss made Scmidt Rubin K31
  3. S

    Any experts on WWI - WWII weapons?? Arisaka Type 30

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm just trying to get some information on an old Jap Rifle that my grandfather supposedly brought back from WWII. I say supposedly because I've read a lot of other forums that have disputes with war stories of men bringing back this exact type of gun back...
  4. 1of300

    Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles

    Does anyone know of special markings that the Japenese soldier put on their rifles. I have a Arisaka rifle that my Uncle had from WWII and on the reciever where the chrasomerian is, there are two distinct slash marks accross it which were made with the bayonet (I know b/c the groves match with...