1. ThePharaoh

    German influence on Armenian Genocide?

    Hi, the following is from Faiz El-Ghusein's Martyred Armenia. Faiz El-Ghusein was a lawyer and official of the Ottoman Empire, who was exiled to Mosul and Diyarbekir due to the his sentiment for Arab Revolution. He is an eyewitness to the event, and during his exile, he was being transfered...
  2. D

    The slaughter of the Armenian population

    Hello.Why the turkish government don t recognize the slaughter of the Armenian population in 1915 ?
  3. M

    Neo-Babylonian = Armenian?

    Nebuchadnezzar IV also known as Arakha, was a self-proclaimed King of Babylon Arakha (meaning 'crown prince' in Armenian) and he was an Armenian and the son of Haldita ( Chaldee? ) Chaldee are an Armenian people living around the Black Sea So why would Nebuchadnezzer IV be identified as an...
  4. B

    During the Armenian Genocide how where the Armenians identified?

    During the Armenian Genocide how where the Armenians identified, how could you tell t
  5. Nomad1

    Armenian Rebellion in Historical Newspapers (1890-1922)

    Do not forget, they were unarmed too.. 1) Armenians Burn Turks < Tyrone Herald, Pennsylvania, 20 Dec. 1905 > 2) Armenians Attack Kurds < Daily Gazette, 17 Nov. 1899 > 3) Armenians Destroy Seventeen Villages < Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York, 19 May 1904 > 4) Armenians Attack Tartar Village...
  6. V

    Etruscan origins study reveals migration from Armenian Highlands

    Etruria was a region located in present day Central Italy that gave birth to one of the first civilizations in Europe. The origin of the Etruscan civilization is a long-standing subject of debate among scholars from different disciplines. The bulk of the information has been reconstructed...
  7. A

    Armenian coup d'etat

    Gang of armed men have stormed Armenia police HQ and taken the chief of police hostage in what is reportedly an attempted coup. Armenia 'attempted coup': Gunmen storm police headquarters and social media down in country bordering Turkey - Mirror Online
  8. sonofstars

    Armenian Genocide recognized by German Parliament

    This is huge (or "yuuge" as the current political flavor of the day would seem to suggest). The Bundestag voted to recognize the Armenian genocide of the early 20th century. Already, the political repercussions are beginning to play out. Clearly a black eye for Turkish diplomacy and may even...
  9. Artaxata

    A spectacular revealing truth about the Armenian Genocide (Documentary)

    Last April the 24th Dutch tv broadcasted a stunning documentary which revealed how to Armenian Genocide took place, and how the Turkish goverment did and still does everything to deny the Armenian Genocide. A spectacular documentary called &#8220;Blood Brothers&#8221; in which a Turkish-Dutch...
  10. Ichon

    Armenian History

    Parandzem was a well known Queen of Armenia and this book tells her story with some imaginative filling out of the small amount of recorded details about her life. She married Arsaces II and was an important piece in the chess match between Rome and Sassanid Empire bearing a legitimate son for...
  11. L

    Ataturk and the Armenian genocide?

    Did Ataturk ever acknowledge the genocide? I remember he reconquered Armenia after the independent state was created by the Council of 4.
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

    April 24, 1915 is considered the traditional starting date for the Armenian Genocide, a tragic event in which 1.5 million Armenians died and to this day several governments do not recognize the events as a genocide.
  13. C

    Did Martin Luther King Jr. ever talk about the Armenian Genocide?

    Does anyone have any historic evidence of him saying anything about the Armenian Genocide? I read today about how there were pro-recognition rallies by the Armenian diaspora in the 1960s. What did he think about the issue?
  14. G

    What is the Iranian govt views on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides

    What is Modern Iranian govt views on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides that are alleged on Turkey? What kind of relations does Iran enjoy with Turkey, Armenia, Greece and the Assyrians of Iraq today?
  15. C

    Ataturk's stance on the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides: Clarification

    Hey, could someone provide us with an objective assessment of how Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, viewed the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides committed by the Ottoman Empire? Did he think they should have recognized or what?
  16. Q

    Armenian helicopter shot down by Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijani soldiers shot down a Mi-24 belonging to the Armenian air force, using Igla-S (SA-24) MANPAD (latest version of Igla MANPAD). At 0:44 one car hear "yox, o birisin vurmay&#305;n"; "no, don't hit the other", revealing that the second helicopter was not engaged on purpose. A?damda...
  17. El Cid

    Why are the Kurds so open to acknowledge Armenian Genocide?

    Armenian Genocide is recognized by the UN, the vast majority of the historians, and by Raphael Lemkin when he coined the term where he used the event in eastern Anatolia as example. However Armenian Genocide is rejected by Turkey, but I&#8217;ve noticed that among the Kurds, they are very...
  18. KuvayiMilliye

    Armenian Diaspora and Financial Size of Armenian Propaganda

    * How many of the "genocide" centers and related "genocide" bodies are sponsored by Armenians? -The Holocaust Memorial Center in Washington that went on to recognize the Armenian "Genocide", had a significant donation in the form of 1 million dollars from a wealthy Armenian who later reneged on...
  19. Laurence Kueffer

    Worldwide Armenian Diaspora

    Hello! My name is Laurence. I live on the San Francisco Peninsula, in San Mateo County, California. Though American by birth, I'm well informed about my ethnic ancestry: My paternal ethnic origin is Swiss and German. My maternal ethnic origin is Armenian. As a half blooded Armenian, I'd...
  20. koseku

    The Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920

    A documentary on the so-called Armenian Genocide: The Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920 - YouTube It's published by Turkish Historical Society, and the resources are foreign historians. So i think it's an objective documentary. It says; the amount of death was so close at each etnicity: kurds, turks...