1. ydq328

    aksum/Abyssinian used iron armor ?

    the picture 10 maybe chain mail and plate osprey Abyssinian noble cavalry Are there more pictures
  2. Obsessive Feeder

    Korean Illustrative Manuals on Arms and Armaments

    Hello friends, there has been something bugging me for the past couple of years in my passionate exploration of Korean Arms and Armour. I have learnt through my journey that there is very little knowledge of Korean Arms and Armour and a lack of surviving treaties to the production of Korean arms...
  3. waitwhat

    Mining in ancient ages

    Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum. I have finally found a platform to talk history with people! In this thread I want to ask some questions about mining and providing and crafting of metals & stones in general in ancient ages. I'm not sure if "ancient ages" is an unclear term, I'm simply...
  4. J

    Armor and Weapon Comparison: Europe, Asia and others

    I hope this thread could be a reference source for comparison of armor and weapons, probably for Vs thread and so on. I am planning to make Youtube channel about this. There is this assumption that European armor is always better than Asian one, regardless of period. I know this is probably a...
  5. J

    Song Dynasty armor and other form of Chinese armor

    Hello, this is my first thread. I have often read Historum debates and am interested in studying Asian armor. I actually got my interest in studying Chinese armor from this forum. During my research, I noticed that Song Dynasty armor is often hailed as the pinnacle of Chinese armor in...
  6. Visigoth Panzer

    Plate Armor and Shield

    Are there cases where soldiers in full plate armor would also use shields? If so, then what one handed weapons would they use?
  7. Pessimist Crow

    The psychological advantages of armor

    I’m not sure if this thread needs to be in speculative history, but I think this topic needs references to historical circumstances to be answered. Will armour be able to give a line of heavy infrantry men (A) the psychological push to aid them to wave through the pikes of an opposing of...
  8. RidiculousName

    Conquistadore and Native Cloth Armor

    I'm curious how the cloth armor of the Spaniards and other Europeans compared to that worn by the various native nations. I've heard that many conquistadores discarded their steel armor in favor of cloth or leather due to being unnecessary when fighting against natives.
  9. M

    With advance of body armor, can horse cavalry ever make a return?

    Title PLA cavalry still train with sabre in hand for tradition. New plates like level IV armor can stop multiple hits from 30 caliber rounds. With this, can cavalry ever come back?
  10. Spike117

    Mid 14th-Century Armor

    Hey all. I was wondering on what armor from around 1330ish looked like and how it varied. I know that prior to 14th century, mail was fairly dominant, and that afterward, plate had largely become supreme. However, I also know that plate and mail are far from the only kinds of armor. What kind...
  11. Visigoth Panzer

    Could a Plate Armor Mitten Gauntlet Substitute for a Buckler?

    Could a plate armor mitten-style gauntlet perform as well as a buckler in martial combat (this is assuming your not wearing any other armor)? Or does the buckler give you better protection/versatility?
  12. Visigoth Panzer

    Weapons and Armor of Medieval Street Gangs

    What type of weapons, armor and shields (if any) would street gangs in medieval Europe (primarily central/western Europe 1000-1500 A.D.) use and/or carry? Would wearing armor or shields draw too much attention? As for weapons what could they carry/conceal without arousing suspicion?
  13. RidiculousName

    WW1-WW2 Steel Armor

    I've been wondering why nations equipped some troops with steel armor up into World War 2. How useful was this armor?
  14. Pessimist Crow

    Chinese armor finds

    Is there a SINGLE surviving find of Song/Ming Dynasty armor with Mountain Pattern links? Or better yet, an officer's helmet with the winged cheek plates? If not, could you just dump your favorite armor reconstruction/finds? Qing may not apply.
  15. Visigoth Panzer

    Practical Armor for travelling Soldiers 14th/15 Century

    For soldiers/mercenaries in the 14th/15th what type of armor would be the most practical for small travelling groups? By practical I mean providing good protection but being easy to equip and not significantly impairing mobility.
  16. W

    How was the paper armor made?

    Paper armor was invented by the Chinese sometime during the 9th or 10th century AD, and it became widely used by Chinese soldiers, marines, and militias from the Song all the way to the Qing. It had also spread to neighboring countries such as Korea. So far the few reconstructions that I've...
  17. Spike117

    Physics of Armor

    Hey everyone. For physics class, I'm doing a presentation on how armor works, armor types, why blades are ineffective against armor, and why blunt weapons are good against armor. Any information, especially related to the science side of things, would be much appreciated, as would sources. Any...
  18. analysis17456

    Armor Fan Thread

    What's your favorite armor? And for what reason? These are some which I find very aesthetically pleasing. ---- Chinese Mountain Armor: Jin Cataphract:
  19. analysis17456

    Effectiveness of Chinese Mountain Armor

    Although mountain armor is the main piece I am interested in, I wouldn't mind the occasional drift to just armors in general. So how effective is Chinese mountain armor? It states here that although it is protective, it is unpopular due to complicated production. And it makes sense...
  20. analysis17456

    How effective are samurai armor?

    Am currently completely immersed in Total War: Shogun 2. So I was looking at the armor of the general's bodyguards, and I noticed an interesting variation, some have long plates arranged in a lamellar structure, while some seem to be wearing what looks to be scale which I understand to be much...