1. Ceasar

    Plate armor in the Napleonic wars

    I am currently writing a fiction involving a civil war in a Napoleonic era empire based loosely on Renaissance Spain. The problem is that my concept of this empire's armies evolved over a very long period of time. Originally, this empire was to be set in the medieval times, however, I have...
  2. oshron

    How was scale armor used?

    DAMN, it's been a long time since i posted a thread on here! :nuts: i was just wondering if anyone knew exactly what the function of scale armor was. i mean, yeah, it's armor, but exactly what did it deflect? i ask because i know that plate armor was used to absorb impact from pointed weapons...
  3. Cav

    Greek armor

    What was the hoplites' armor like? What was it made of? How did it look like? Also did soldiers had to buy their own armor and weapons? I'm specially interested in Spartans :cool:
  4. Guaporense

    Late Medieval Plate Armor

    I think it is rather fascinating the development of late medieval/early modern European armor as it became impressively sophisticated by the late 14th and 15th centuries. What's fascinating is that no other civilization developed armor to the same degree nor the west, earlier or later...
  5. Ceasar

    Evolution of Armor

    So I was wondering how and why armor evolved the way it did throughout the world, particularly from Rome to the medieval times. I love the way Roman legions looked, but this armor did seem to carry over to the medieval era. Is there a particular reason for that? I also happened to notice that...
  6. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    Need pics on Greek architecture and armor!

    Can anyone give me some pictures on ancient Greek armor & Architecture? Doesn't matter which city state, just the ones you think looks the most bad-arse... :P
  7. purakjelia

    Paper armor, bamboo armor, and rattan armor

    These three types of special armors had been used in ancient East Asia; now I wonder how those armors are effective, and I wonder how they would fare against arrows, swords, spears, etc. Paper armor was primarily used in ancient China. It was invented during late Tang Dynasty, around 9th...
  8. B

    What type of armor and weapons were used in Bronze Age Vedic India?

    I've never seen any Osprey book or any book for that matter which gives a description of Indo-Aryan armor and weapons. Of course "The Mahabarata" speaks a lot of archery and chariots, but I'm curious about the rest. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. Katophract

    Eastern European arms and armor

    I've been researching Eastern European miltaries lately and have found a surprising lack pictorial evidence on the Internet. (I just moved and don't have access to a library at the moment.) In particular I'm looking for clothing, weapons and in particular armor used by the armies of Vlad Tepes...
  10. DeliciousTomatoesYay

    How true are these clothes and armor?

    Naginata (Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) - YouTube I saw something very weird: 1) The cavalry had flags, never saw them with THAT much flags in any movies except this one! 2) The giant shoulder pad on I believe Guan yu's armor? 3) The helmets they wore, were they historically...
  11. Jake10

    Examples of armor and weapons that are works of art

    These are so articulate they're great to look at: Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I, 1549 Armor of George Clifford, Third Earl of Cumberland, ca. 1580–85 Armor (Gusoku), 16th and 18th centuries; Edo period Japanese Armor of Infante Luis, Prince of Asturias, 1712...
  12. Guaporense

    Plate armor: the western way of armor?

    I don't know examples of plate armor outside western military history. Other civilizations usually had armor made of scales of iron, or mail armor or something else, like samurai's leather armor. Plate armor can be defined as armor that consists of solid plates of metal, usually bronze or...
  13. Salah

    Islamic Weaponry and Armor of the Crusades and Mongol Wars

    Another little glossary I whipped up a few years ago: Muslim Weapons and Armor, c. 1055 – 1517 JM, Thursday, July 16th, 2009 Bargustuwan – Horse armor, especially that used in Iran and Transoxania Baydah – ‘Egg’ helmets’, used by Muslim cavalry...

    Tigers armor hardness

    The rolled homogeneous nickel-steel plate, electro-welded interlocking-plate construction armor had a Brinell hardness index of 255-260, making it the best homogeneous armor hardness level for WW II standards. Rigorous quality control procedures ensured it stayed that way. The Tiger I's armor...
  15. plutoboyz

    South Indian Armor

    What kind of armor they wear? Plate mail, Chainmail, plate armor, Scale mail or Lamellar armor? anyone have a picture of it? preferably, the one used by Chola army. thanks.
  16. plutoboyz

    Armor, Is That Effective?

    Is armor really effective? I think, it just myth. they aren't really working on real battle. What do you think?
  17. diddyriddick

    Alexander's Body Armor

    Don't know if this has been posted....
  18. D

    Armor in Cinema

    In almost every medieval movie/show that I've seen, platemail and chainmal do absolutely nothing. It's not because everyone aims for the openings, it's because it's so easy to get through. Is this depiction accurate or is it just for effect?
  19. zwolf1215

    Weapons and Armor of Barbarians

    I would like to know what types of weapons and armor Gallic, Celtic, and Germanic barbarians used when fighting Romans. Also how strong and thick was a Roman Shield? If you can compare it to a viking shield it would be easier for me to visualize.