1. P

    Hellenistic Era arms

    How would you rate Greek martial performance in the Hellenistic era? It seems to have declined....except the Hellenistic world was so large, maybe it was actually fine, somewhere. How about the Greco-Bactrian kingdoms? Greeks seem to last a while there, was it due to martial talents, or...
  2. jameen

    US arms race with Soviet Union

    How come that the US did not become bankrupt like the Soviet Union during its arms race with the latter during the Cold War? how come the US maintain the good quality of life unlike the Soviet Union when having an arms race?
  3. Athenian

    Would the USSR survive if it wasn't for the arms and space race

    Hey fellow histuromites. I have a simple yet not simplistic question. Would the USSR survive if it took no part in the arms and space race and did not antagonize with the USA for world hegemony? If yes maybe it could invest further in the development of its people both economically and...
  4. F

    Patroni Coat of Arms

    Hello, so over the last couple of months i have been researching my Family's history and found out alot of things including everyone in my family up to my grandfather being masons, due to hidden books and symbols within the house where most of the 18th century is, i believe i have also found our...
  5. E

    20th century naval arms race

    Been doing research on the naval arms race and just wanted to post the balance of naval power at different times throughout history(I took this data from Wikipedia though I complied it into a list on my own). Hope this can spark discussion. I will post the number of (dreadnought and onwards)...
  6. H

    Brothers in Arms?

    Examples of two men who assisted Jews to evade destruction under the Final Solution and whose brothers were committed, high-profile Nazis. (1) Albert Göring, brother of the more notorious Hermann, in command of the Luftwaffe. (2) Heinz...
  7. S

    Carolingian arms and armor:

    In most art work I've seen of Frankish-Carolingian armor, they are typically depicted wearing Roman/Byzantine influenced type of armor like this: and this: The only other written source to provide a detailed description of ninth-century Frankish armament is Notker’s biography of...
  8. Menshevik

    Samurai, warfare and skill at arms in the Sengoku period vs Edo period

    Based on my limited understanding of Japanese history, I've come to the following conclusion(s): Samurai in the Sengoku period were superior to their successors in the Edo period. I say this because of all the constant fighting and battle seen during the Sengoku period. In contrast, the Edo...
  9. W

    How did pikes and other long pole arms protect from arrows when held vertically?

    I remember reading in The Western Way of War by Hanson stating that part of the reason why Arrows were ineffective against the Greek Phalanx and later Macedonian Pikemen was that in addition to the shield Wall and Bronze Armor, the long spears hoplites and Macedonian phalangites typically held...
  10. Haviland

    Need help understanding ancient given name on seal

    I have a record indicating there was a seal (probably dated 1000-1100) with a charge of a three-towered castle (like those seen on many Nuestrian arms, which is relevant here, but more familiar on ancient Castille arms). Surrounding this charge is a cross pattée followed by the name S'RAAL...
  11. grey fox

    Naval combined arms WW2

    All of us probably know at least a little bit about combined arms. Combined arms is the military doctrine about how two or more different types of military troops can do things together that neither could do on their own. For instance if the army needed to capture & keep a metropolis that was...
  12. A

    The Historiography and Philosophy of the Right to Bear Arms

    As it pertains to the 18th century and the founding of the United States of America, did the right to bear arms, possess privately owned military grade weaponry, make sense? Was it a "good" Amendment to include in the Bill of Rights for fledgling United States or a mistake? Is it an important...
  13. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Archaeological examples of Byzantine arms and armor

    I decided to search around to see if there were any surviving examples of byzantine armor so that I could find some evidence to back up one side or another in the "riveted lamellar" controversy. Unfortunately, not only could I not find any examples of byzantine lamellar, I couldn't find any...
  14. Druzhina

    Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century

    I have added links to the illustrations referenced in 'Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century' by Simon Coupland so that those without the books in the bibliography can follow his argument. The illustrations include: 9th Century Carolingian Soldiers in the Bible of San Paolo Fuori Le...
  15. Mik

    New user-query on a coat of arms

    Hi , I'm mik. I'm new to forums and thought this site would be productive in regards to my hunt for an identification on something I found when I was a young boy. It's an oval buckle with a coat of arms. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be quite happy.
  16. W

    Question on WW1 small arms

    I'm curious which small arms (pistols, rifles, lmgs) in use during WW1 would have been regarded as most reliable in trench warfare conditions? There were a few bad designs during this period (like the Ross rifle or Chauchat) and some more dependable ones, so I'm curious what small arms at the...
  17. Celtae

    Greatest Advancement in Small Arms Technology

    In your opinion, what was the greatest historical transition or advancement in the field of infantry small arms? Why do you believe this? Answer below and enjoy!
  18. Moros

    Inverness Coat of Arms

    Any ideas why Inverness should have been seen as this exotic? - Crucified Christ supported by a dromedary and an elephant in a field of thistles. It dates back to at least the 17th Century. I wonder what the common folk of Inverness thought about this?
  19. Moros

    Oxford City Arms

    I understand that the bull walking on the blue wavy lines is an ox fording the river Thames - hence the name 'Oxford'. But why the elephant and green beaver?
  20. M

    Looking for Arms used by the Royalists in the North Yemen Wars

    I'm contemplating putting together a Wargame (miniatures Scenario) for the Northern Yemen War from 1962-1967 when Egypt pulled out. I have most of the data for the Egyptian forces, but am having trouble finding exactly what kind of weaponry the Royalist forces used. I've seen photo's of them...