1. Murffy

    George Armstrong Custer -- Hero or Nut-job?

    I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks to do some hiking in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains and on my way back I'm going to visit the Little Big Horn battle site in Montana. I've read quite a bit about the plains Indian wars but, to bone-up a bit, I bought Nathaniel Philbrick's "The Last Stand...
  2. F

    Armstrong Gun Pattern 1760

    Hi All, My question concerns English naval history, and in particular the method developed by Armstrong in the design of naval guns of the late 18th century. I have been looking for the method developed by Armstrong in the hope of putting it practice and testing it out. The only information...
  3. Salah

    George Armstrong Custer - surname pronunciation

    I have a friend with the surname Custer; he insists on pronouncing it as "kooster". Is this how the famous G.A. Custer himself would have pronounced his surname? It makes me wonder what else people in historic America might have pronounced differently from us. Upon his arrival in America...

    The death of George Armstrong Custer

    Question: Is it true that the suspected killer of G.A. Custer, is a Sioux indian (Hunkpapa) called "Rain in the face"?
  5. Vir0n

    Neil Armstrong's lost "A"

    I had no idea there was a controversy over Neil Armstrong's famous quote. From an AP news story: An Australian computer programmer says he found the missing "a" from Armstrong's famous first words from the moon in 1969, when the world heard the phrase, "That's one small step for man, one giant...
  6. Commander

    George Armstrong Custer

    Given his debacle at the Little Bighorn, why do you think George Armstrong Custer has aroused such passion and controversy in the past 130 years?