1. Paratroopers Brigade Folgore, Italian Army Unit

    Paratroopers Brigade Folgore, Italian Army Unit

    The Paratroopers Brigade "Folgore" is an airborne brigade of the Italian Army. Its core units are three battalions of paratroopers. The name Folgore is Italian for lightning. The Folgore is one of three light infantry brigades of the Italian Army.
  2. N

    Where could Spartacus' rebels have fled to?

    If Spartacus and the other rebelious slaves had managed to get on board the pirate ships and escaped Italy, where could they have gone to find freedom and relative safety?
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    How Were German Army Camps in the Middle Ages Defended

    Before Wagenburg tactics were copied, how did German armies in the middle ages defend their camps when not in battle?
  4. E

    Does it posibble to find a war diary of a army division?

    Now I am studying about the first persian gulf war. and hope to know the movement of every unit (division level). Such as After US attack start, what is the position of 101 airbone division every day? So I can make a detailed map of the war to realize it. Anyone can provide any information...
  5. F

    Western Roman Army during Alaric’s Sack of Rome

    Reading about Alaric’s sack of Rome I couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of the Western Roman army. During Radaguisus’ invasion of Italy Stilicho was able to muster a force of roughly 30,000 men to repel him, yet five years later the only resistance offered against Alaric was a...
  6. jameen

    Beating the Roman army and navy as Han army

    1. Who will win if a naval war between Rome and Han happened? either it happened on both sea and river. What should the Han do in order to win the battle? both in sea and river warfare. 2. What should the Han army do in order to break the Roman shield formation? 3. Who are the Han...
  7. C

    Post Notitia Roman Army

    What evidence is there that the Roman Army described in the Notitia Dignatatum survived into the time of Aetius? I'm mostly interested in the Western Roman Army. I know there's more evidence of the survival of the Eastern Roman Army into the sixth century and beyond. At some point prior to 476...
  8. frogsofwar

    US Army Bases...WTF

    I've always wondered about the names of U.S. Army bases. Unlike some of my fellow veterans, I'm not opposed per se to naming U.S. Army bases after Confederate Generals. This is in light of Chamberlain's salute of Gordon's surrendering Confederates, the war has been over for over 100 years, and...
  9. R

    Macedonian Byzantine Army Vs Comnenian Army

    So which of these was better, the Macedonian Byzantine Army of the late 10th century or the mid-12th century Comnenian army?
  10. C

    What does R.I.E. stand for? (British Army)

    Hi, I recently bought a wooden trunk at an auction that has : Major R. Reid R.I.E. painted on it. This is also printed on two canvas army holdalls inside the trunk (which also have O.H.M.S. card tags attached to them). I would like to try and find out more about Major Reid, but I'm not...
  11. jameen

    Beating Muhammad's army

    What should the Quraish do in order to eliminate the 1st Muslim army in Arabia under Muhammad the prophet of Islam?
  12. Polynikes

    The Stratioti: predecessors to the Hussars? Their role in Italian army and elsewhere?

    Hi everyone, I thought that this would be a good thread topic. How effective were the Stratioti? And why were they so heavily recruited among Italian states and other militaries during the early modern period? What were their finest moments and what did they wear into battle often...
  13. Polynikes

    The Byzantine/Roman army and Sicilian military recruitment

    Hi, can someone outline the history of Sicilian contribution to the Byzantine/Roman army and their overall military story within the confines of said history? Additionally, to what extent did Sicilians serve in the elite tagmata units? Thanks.
  14. jameen

    1st Muslim Arab army vs Tang army

    Do you believe that Muslim Arab army led by companions of Muhammad can beat the army of China's Tang Dynasty?
  15. jameen

    If Roman army and Han China's Army fight

    Who will win the war if the Roman army and Han China's army if both armies have same number of troops? 1000 soldiers vs 1000 soldiers up to 5000 soldiers.
  16. Polynikes

    Why were there so many Illyrian soldiers in the Roman Army?

    And this by extension covers almost all of the Balkan provinces, why was there such a great presence of them in the army? And how did they affect the army's effectiveness? Did the barbarization result in worse legions?
  17. Rodger

    Army Air Force During WW2

    My uncle was a member of the Army Air Force during WW2, serving from 1943-1946. In doing research I learned that it appears there was no actual branch of the Air Force, at least at the start of the war. Instead there was the AAF, or Army Air Force. My uncle was part of the 206 3rd BU, with "BU"...
  18. M

    What gave French Revolutionary Army so much edge ?

    Between 1793-1802 and after that during Napoleonic era French Army basically defeated all of its adversaries in field most of the time. Especially after Battle of Valmy to capture of Austrian Netherlands and Holland to all campaigns in Northern Italy , Austria , Central Italy , Spanish Pyrennes...
  19. M

    Citizen Army vs Professional Army

    One thing I have always been curious about is whether the transition from a citizen based army in Republic to a partially based professional based army in the dying days of the republic and a fully professional army beginning under Augustus actually increased its combat effectiveness. There are...
  20. Spike117

    Greek Army under Leonidas At Hastings

    Let's say that the Greek Army that fought the Persians at Thermopylae (numbering around 7,000 with many different Greek groups involved) was at Hastings when William of Normandy attacked. For the sake of this, both sides are willing to fight (so the Greeks won't be standing there saying where...