1. Incendio

    The siege of Port Arthur (1904-1905) infantry tactics?

    The siege of Port Arthur was the longest and most violent land battle of the Russo-Japanese War. Being Port Arthur one of the most strongly fortified positions in the world by the time of Russo-Japanese war and even Russia improved the fortifications and what is more, considering the weapons...
  2. BlackViper

    Port Arthur & Pearl Harbor

    Doing some research on the 1904-05 conflict between the Russians and Japanese. I found it *surprising* that the Japanese initiated a surprise attack at Port Arthur against the Russians. The results neutralized the port, but the chaos of war allowed the campaign to be poorly coordinated on both...
  3. The Reality

    King Arthur

    I don't really have an opinion on this matter but, Does this prove King Arthur was real? (note the article also says he was a general not a king)...
  4. Theodoric

    Propaganda explanation for King Arthur

    This is a topic I am interested in, but I know that there are going to be those with a lot more knowledge in it than I have. The question - Given that the Saxon Kingdoms had a hero in King Alfred the Great, was King Arthur an adaptation for anti-Saxon propaganda during the Norman era? The...
  5. P

    King Arthur (2017): Director Guy Ritchie

    Anyone seen this yet? It's being hammered by the critics as a movie, quite apart from any attempt at historical verisimilitude. I know Arthur is legend but the film could have tried to remain true to the period.
  6. C

    Arthur's age at death

    I read somewhere once that there are several 12th century tales of King Arthur that give his age at death as 76. Try as I might, I cannot identify these tales. Does anyone know of these, or any other sources that explicitly give Arthur's age at death? Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Arthur again

    Now Prof Peter Field, a renowned expert in Arthurian literature claims that Camelot "turns out to be a small Roman fort at Slack, on the outskirts of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire". Ex-Bangor University professor reveals 'true Camelot' - BBC News Possible location of King Arthur's Camelot...
  8. RomanEmperor

    'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'?

    What are your expectations for this movie? Do you think it will be good/successful/launch a series? I liked the Clive Owen King Arthur movie. Yes, I know it has some historical problems, but as a film I think it's pretty good. I was disappointed we never got to see a sequel. I like the idea of...
  9. Marcellus

    Why Shakespeare never wrote about king Arthur?

    Malory's version predates Shakespeare by 100 years, he certainly knew the legend. He tells more obscure stories about Leir (Lear) and Kymbelinus/Cunobelinus (Cymbeline), who are also in Geoffrey of Monmouth. It's a great gaping hole in the Shakespeare canon. What more "British" story is there...
  10. P

    King Arthur and similar legends

    I watched recently the series about King Arthur. It is of course well known Legend, placing him in 5th century or similar. Now what paid my attention is his death. English newer version tells about Avalon Island. Welsh version tells, that he sleeps with Guinevere and his knights in the...
  11. JohnnyH

    King Arthur was a Yorkshireman?

    I did post this on the now-Korean General board :laugh:, but that forum is now lost to the English language. "Arthurian obsessive Simon Keegan is determined to right that wrong in a book which not only claims that the largely unremarkable village was the site of the legendary Camelot, but also...
  12. JohnnyH

    King Arthur was a Yorkshireman?

    "Arthurian obsessive Simon Keegan is determined to right that wrong in a book which not only claims that the largely unremarkable village was the site of the legendary Camelot, but also that King Arthur was not born at the grand Tintagel Castle on the Cornish coast, but was in fact from...
  13. A Vietnamese

    Why do we call Arthur Wellesley "Wellington"?

    Instead of calling him general Arthur or general Wellesley or at least Duke of Wellington? Meanwhile, I have never heard anyone call Horatio Nelson "Duke of Bronté". And people keen on calling Napoleon "Napoleon" instead of calling him emperor Bonaparte. And yet we keep calling Napoleon III...
  14. Balian

    If Arthur, Prince of Wales had not died in 1502

    What kind of king do you think Arthur, Prince of Wales had been if he had not died in 1502 ? I think he would probably be similar to his father Henry VII.
  15. Sage Celestine

    King Authari the Legendary King Arthur and the Elves.

    Well here it is folks, a year in the making, enjoy and relish in this awesome discovery, and please share it with your friends, the video I made I mean, that caused me quite a lot of pain to make. King Authari was elected as King of the Langobards in 584 by the nobles of the land after a ten...
  16. J

    Scary poem about nuclear war by Arthur Tomaszewicz

    Unfortunately, I found this poem only in Russian language... but it's real scary. Btw, Arthur Tomaszewicz is a Russian blogger and poet. Now positioning himself as a blogger, spiritual leader, poet, writer, model and even DJ. WATCH VIDEO ORIGINAL TEXT...
  17. C

    King Arthur's Battle of Siesia

    In Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, King Arthur conquers Gaul and has a climactic battle against the Romans at a place called Siesia. Arthurian researchers Wilson and Blackett believe that this whole event was based on Magnus Maximus's conquest of Western Europe, and that his...
  18. Sage Celestine

    How big of a discovery would finding out who the Real King Arthur is be?

    Also who would you have to talk to to report the discovery?
  19. P


    I know Arthur is semi legendary, but when was it he supposedly reigned? Time frame wise? was it around the Time of Hengist and Horsa? or more around the Incini Boudica period? or perhaps around the time of Egbert???
  20. Polynikes

    What do we know about the Historical King Arthur? Did he even exist?

    What do we know about the historical King Arthur? Who was he really? When was he born, when did he die? Where did he come from? What language did he speak? What was his background prior to battling the Saxons? Was there a real life 'Knights of the Round table', did Merlin exist? Why did...