1. M

    What are the longest lasting dynasties in Asia?

    What were the longest lasting dynasties in Asia?. If part of a dynasty's length was legendary, when was the division between the legendary and the historical periods of the dynasty? If answering, be sure to distinguish between the length of time a dynasty lasted as a ruling or reigning dynasty...
  2. R

    Mongols invade Comnenian Asia Minor

    What if the Mongols invaded the Byzantines about a century after Myrocephalon, in this scenario the Comnenus are still in power after taking control of Asia Minor after their defeat in Myrocephalon, so the eastern Byzantine border resembled the during before the time of Basil II. Can the...
  3. W

    Old gods of South East Asia

    So what gods did the people of South East Asia worship before the arrival of Buddhism? Like for example in Vietnam, Thailand or Burma?
  4. NordicDemosthenes

    Representational politics in Asia

    My primary interest is ancient European History, as can probably be guessed from my avatar, but I've lately been thinking (also, partially fishing for information for an eventual thesis :cool:) a lot about to which degree representative government is a uniquely western phenomenon or not. I've...
  5. Naima

    ancient maps of asia

    hi I would like to know of ancient map samples ... not modern maps ... I woukd like to see art styles from India to China and Japan possibly.
  6. W

    why wasnt buddhism disliked by the ruling classes in Japan as in rest of east asia?

    So why wasn't Buddhism disliked in Japan, especially the Shogunal period as compared to other east Asian countries in Early modern periods? or was this just a perception ?
  7. F

    Ancient contacts Northern Asia, Northwestern Americas

    While most claims of contacts betwenn the Americas and the rest of the world before the 1490ś forme appear to be somewhat speculative (except not extensive contacts with the norse and perhaps also a few contactas with polynesians), there is one large region, that of the eastern Siberian...
  8. JoanOfArc007

    Greater East Asia Conference(1943) and the Empire of Japan

    When one looks at the 1930s-1940s, this was a time when segregation and bigotry played a role in American, British and Japanese societies. This type of bigotry that we saw worldwide during the WW2 era may have been minimized perhaps if the racial equality proposal proposed by the Empire of...
  9. X

    Sibling marriage in Southeast Asian cultures

    What was (and is) - from cultural, social and religious perspective - the attitude in Southeast Asia regarding sibling marriages? I noticed that many historical figures married a sister or a brother. Like the Thai king Rama V who married 5 of his (half)sisters; the burmese kings Razadarit...
  10. Ancientgeezer

    Floods in USA, India, SE Asia

    It's the hurricane, cyclone and monsoon season-so unsurprisingly, except to TV news stations, there are heavy rains and wind and, once in a while, quite catastophic results. We are seeing some pretty bad results in India and Texas right now--while India is only getting a small portion of the...
  11. D

    uniforms in Asia (1600-1931)

    Hello.I am looking for the biggest book about the uniforms in Asia from the Imjin war (1590-1600) until the invasion of Mandchouria (1931).Thank you.
  12. C

    Porphyrogenitus' nations in Asia and the Caucasus

    I'm trying to translate portions of De Ceremoniis of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus. Do we have anyone here who's kind of good with Medieval Greek? So far: "To the ruler of Albania; to the ruler of the Krebatads, who are called Krebatans; to the ruler of Kydonia; to the ruler of the...
  13. Visigoth Panzer

    Greek communities in Asia

    What were the major Greek communities in Asia (excluding western Anatolia) that were of significance and lasted for a long time (at least 300 years)?
  14. H

    When did corned gunpowder reach East Asia?

    Corned gunpowder is made into small granules instead of being a fine powder. This has several advantages, most prominently it being more powerful. It's generally understood to have been developed in the early 15th century in Europe, presumably only coming to East Asia later...
  15. E

    Communist insurgency in Asia

    I always find it weird to see that so many communist insurgencies still aren't over in Asia. Naxalites in India, maoist in Philippines still have a lot of popular support. Even a country like Japan that almost seem apolitical today experienced the attacks of those far left groups. What can...
  16. Naima

    The Indoeuropean of Asia?

    Is there an Indoeuropean kind of language that is at the basic root of all asiatic languages? For example Turkich Mongolian , Japanese and Chinese do have a same origin? If so wich one is it ? Has it been reconstructed?
  17. H

    Invasions of Java and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific

    Couple questions for you guys. 1) I'm interested in learning a bit more in detail about the Java campaigns and other Napoleonic actions in the Asia-Pacific, so I was wondering if some folks here might have recommendations for books that discuss the Asia-Pacific theater of the Napoleonic Wars in...
  18. Flavius Theodosios

    Greetings from Middle Asia

    Hello,forum members.My name is Arslan and I'm 17 years old.Came from Turkmenistan,I'm here to learn and expand my knowledge in all aspects of history.I passed many Russian forums,learning many things.So I know little bit about their history.I hope you accept me like own guy;)
  19. H

    Early French Presence in South and East Asia

    Does anyone know anything about a 16th century French navigator called François Le Grout du Closneuf who led an expedition to the Indian Ocean? I saw his name in a list of French explorers but can't find much on him in English. Also would appreciate it if anyone could share info on what some of...
  20. H

    The spread of American chili peppers to East Asia?

    Does anyone have info to share about chili peppers from Mexico/Central America/South America being transported to East Asia during the early-modern era? I noticed a couple claims on a wikipedia article about chili peppers that got me curious: Could anyone who knows the history of the spice...