1. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    The probably earliest assassination by gun sniper in the world history

    Just share with us if you know any example worthy for discussion, here comes the first example by me. ========================= As early as AD 1566.... The Japanese Sengoku daimyo Mimura Iechika (三村家親) was assassinated by a "sniping shot" from an arquebusier! Very likely the earliest...
  2. SirOrmondeWinter

    What was the most influential assassination in US history?

    For my money it has to be Lincoln, reconstruction would have been so much different under him and Joe Crow would never have been allowed. I know some will say JFK or RFK but I believe there is no evidence the former would have withdrawn from Vietnam or the latter would ever have been elected...
  3. M

    The assassination of president john f kennedy

    Hi, guys, I'd just like to get your opinion on the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (hence the title) I was just wondering who you believe shot JFK and to justify your opinion if possible, thank you :)
  4. M

    The assassination of john f kennedy

    Hi i just need anyone (literally anyone) to answer these 3 questions for me :) it would help me out alot. 1. What is your age? - <15 - 16-18 - 18-25 - 25-35 - 35+ 2. In your opinion, who do you believe shot President Kennedy? If you are able to justify your opinion please elaborate. 3. Has...
  5. T

    WI: McKinley survived assassination

    In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated. At the time, Teddy Roosevelt was Vice President, put there by Republican political bosses to keep him from getting more power. Obviously, that didn't work out. :) Well, this is the POD: what if McKinley isn't assassinated? This should have...
  6. F

    Throne Usurpation without an Army

    Alright, please pardon my ignorance, but I am most certainly not a student of history and find myself in need of more expert help. I'm writing a secondary world, medieval-ish fantasy novel, and in it I need one of the characters to usurp the king's throne, being not related to the king...
  7. youngbruno

    Assassination of General Wladyslaw Sikorski

    Hi all, uncomfortable as this is I am announcing the facts and truth behind the mysterious Plane Crash of General Wladyslaw Sikorski in 1943 as a deliberately calculated sabotage to stop the plane. It has taken 74 years for our family (and me) to release the truth. So be kind to me, I am English...
  8. frenchkote

    JFK Assassination

    First, I'm not sure if this belongs under this thread or under the American History thread. If not, pls let me know. My question is: what are the best books on JFK' s assassination pertaining to details of that day and the various conspiracy theories?
  9. Commodus

    The Assassination of Warren G. Harding

    Apologies for the sensationalist title, I just thought it sounded snappy. But yes, Warren G. Harding, a very controversial President and a rather contradictory figure. He himself was apparently quite honest, and yet those within his inner circle mired his administration in scandal, scandals he...
  10. notgivenaway

    Lincoln survived assassination and limited Manifest Destiny

    Say Lincoln survived getting assassinated, and managed to serve a second or even third term. Being more progressive than other whites by US standards then, he not only gives blacks the vote, but he protects native Americans and grants them rights under the Constitution. This causes ire, and...
  11. T

    Dr. Charles A. Leale’s Report on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    Dr. Charles A. Leale?s Report on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln In May 2012, Helena Iles Papaioannou, a research assistant with the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, was systematically searching the Letters Received series of the Records of the Office of the Surgeon General at the National...
  12. Cuish

    What if Ronald Regan's assassination attempt succeeded?

    From Wikipedia: With that in mind, what if Hinckley's attempt to kill the president had been successful? How does the nation respond in their grief? More importantly, how does George H.W. Bush fare as president 8 years earlier than in reality? Who does Bush appoint as vice president per the...
  13. F

    Earliest regimes preferring covert assassination of dissidents to overt killing

    I'm looking for the earliest regimes who had the jurisdiction and apparatus to arrest and publicly execute enemies of the state* but chose to clandestinely liquidate/disappear them instead. It doesn't have to be the regime's modus operandi, but it would be more telling if the regime did that...
  14. Edratman

    Witness to Lincoln Assassination on 1956 TV Show

    Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on this day, April 14, 1865. I stumbled across an article today showing the last living witness to the assassination, Samuel J. Seymour at the age of 96, being a contestant on a 1956 broadcast of the game show I've Got a Secret. WOW! AMAZING!! It is not a...
  15. Futurist

    Other famous assassination attempts using a briefcase bomb?

    Exactly with famous assassination attempts, if any, other than Claus von Stauffenberg's 1944 attempt to kill Adolf Hitler (in the July 20th Plot) involved using a briefcase bomb? Any thoughts on this?
  16. A Vietnamese

    Books about assassin organizations?

    If I want to learn about assassin organizations such as the Bolsheviks, the Black Hand and especially the Hashashin, which books should I read? Books about groups that usually handle assassination missions such as CIA and Mosad are fine too.
  17. A Vietnamese

    Why there were so many assassination attempts on American presidents?

    According to wiki, there were more than 20 attempts to take an US president's life and four were killed. I have never heard of anything like that in any first world country. Why there are so many people (or organizations) who want to kill a president? And why there were so many mental retarded...
  18. Moros

    Assassination attempts

    Which European monarch had the most (known) assassination attempts made against him or her? King Zog of Albania reportedly survived 55 attempts! Are there any other monarchs who can claim so many?
  19. schmitt trigger

    John F Kennedy survives assassination plot

    First of all, credit where credit is due. I got this idea from the previous thread about Bobby Kennedy not being assassinated. This is a tough call, I still believe that: - he could have NOT extricated himself from the Vietnam War. -He would have behaved very similarly to Johnson with respect...
  20. P

    Assassination of Caesar

    Ok, EVERYBODY has had thoughts on this. I'll just add one of mine: Pompey was stabbed. Do you think Caesar was stabbed, as a metaphor of what happened to Pompey??