1. A

    African Swastikas- Uses & Interpretations of the worldwide motif

    From the Volta to the Congo to the Nile, from scarification to gold weights to hieroglyphics, the swastika has been used throughout Africa for a long time. Western Africa Akan/Ashanti Nations The Akan occupy a large part of West Africa including parts of Ghana and the Ivory Coast and...
  2. marx8

    Mayan astronomy

    Where can I find some good basic information on Mayan astronomy? Its history, names for stars, planets, constellations etc. or any famous Mayan astronomers as well would be great.
  3. V

    Greek influence on Vedic astrology.

    Could anyone please point out what are the Greek influences in Indian astrology?I could only find two cases of Greek influence in Indian astrology viz 1)The 12 zodiacs and 2) the horoscopical tradtion. But both the zodiacs and horoscopical traditions have pre-Greek native Indian roots.The...
  4. Pusyamitra

    How much was Ancient Indian Astronomy affected by Greeks?

    Self explaining title. I think most of Indian astronomy was Greek influenced, what is current opinion of historians?
  5. davu

    The Astronomy Thread

    Ancient Astronomers Were No Fools Ancient Astronomers Were No Fools - News from Sky & Telescope -
  6. davu

    Fourth-century B.C. Astronomy Peru

    Chankillo, Peru. interesting -- this thing with the stars, etc just keeps coming up no matter what civilization we look at --- and they were damn good at it --
  7. davu

    Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA)

    new meteorite study ---- Has Earth Experienced an Increase in Asteroid & Comet Impacts Over the Past 250 Million Years?
  8. davu

    International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture

    fyi - for those so inclined enjoy ISAAC