1. R

    I think I have a vietnam photo that's worth a bunch

    So, I titled this thread in order to capture attention of anyone that is critical and a history buff. I am really quite out of my element on this website. I'm here because of this photo. My deceased father in law was a combat photographer during Vietnam. A month ago, my mother in law brought out...
  2. Lycurgus

    Would the Americans use the atomic bombs against Germany?

    Let's say that the German resistance in the final months of WW2 had made it extremely difficult and costly for the Allies to reach Berlin and defeat the Third Reich once and for all. Would the US use the atomic bombs against German cities? Or the fact that Germany was a European country would...
  3. D

    Atomic bombs of the US army (1945)

    Hello.If the troops of Hitler had won in Normandy or in the Ardennes,was the possibility of putting one or two atomic bombs on the head of the nazis armies studied by the US headquarters,in the purpose to save millions of lives (german civils,soldiers allies etc...?
  4. C

    The German nuclear program

    It is an often heard story that the Germans were on the brink of developing an atomic bomb or that the Americans used German scientists to build their bomb. But this seems all like speculative nonsense to me. I am curious as to the actual proven state of the German nuclear program. As far as I...
  5. Lawnmowerman

    How early would an atomic bomb need to be developed for Germany to be nuked in WWII

    As the title says how early would the bomb need to be developed for it to be dropped on Germany. This is of course going to depend on who develops it the USSR or the Allies. Assuming high command knew just how powerful a weapon they had do you think they would use it in the final months of...
  6. VHS

    Did the atomic bomb on Japan really save lives?

    Japan really didn't have the power to stand, and it could have surrendered before the nuclear attack. Anyway, the nuclear attack happened. It was speculated Japan might fight to the bitter end if the atomic bombs weren't dropped (or if it noticed these were the only bombs that were made at this...
  7. notgivenaway

    The USA doesn't use the atomic bombs

    What I mean here is the USA, with Royal Navy and USSR support, blockade Japan, and bide their time, whilst keeping Germany under occupation and rebuilding their economies/peoples. Would Japan in this case fight to the last man? Or would they surrender? Or to frighten them into surrendering...
  8. Menshevik

    No atomic bombing of Japan

    If atomic bombs were never dropped on Japan, I'm assuming they would still surrender, right? When? Why? Would an invasion have still been necessary?
  9. Valens

    Would Hitler surrender if an atomic bomb was dropped on Germany?

    Let's imagine a scenario in which Germany finds itself in the situation Japan was in 1945. US dropping at atomic bomb on some German city, maybe Berlin itself. Would Hitler surrender after the first or the second bomb, providing he survives an atomic attack on Berlin?
  10. CathareHeretic

    And if the atomic bomb hade never existed?

    I imagine the war against Japan continued numerous years and the Cold War turned hot war with the invasion of Western Europe by the Soviet no?
  11. M

    Buildings standing after the atomic bombings

    I am interested to know which are the buildings that were still standing (until today) after the 2 atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tried Google for information but there doesn't seem much available other than the dome in Hiroshima...
  12. Kormp

    Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    One of the most controversial military decision in history is the deployment of two atomic bombs known as "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some argue that it was a necessary decision to quickly end the Pacific War, while the others think it was one of the worst...
  13. C

    What if Germany didn't pursue an atomic program during WW2?

    What if when the war started for whatever reason Hitler decided against pursuing the creation of an atomic bomb and instead ordered the personnel, money, time, and resources that would have gone to the various nuclear development programs elsewhere? If they put these resources into their...
  14. C

    Insults written on the atomic bomb?

    Hello fellow forumites and thank you for accepting me as a member! I have a question concerning the first atomic bomb "Little Boy" (the one dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945): Is there any documentation if there were any insults painted on the bomb? I have heard some sources saying this...
  15. OpanaPointer

    Radiation and the atomic bombing of Japan.

    On use of radiation effects as a force multiplier for atomic bombs used on Japan. Citing Truman and the Hiroshima Cult, by Robert P. Newman, page 119. [15] Barton J. Bernstein, "Eclipsed by Hiroshima and Nagasaki" International Security 15 (Spring 1991): 161; Marc Gallichio, "After Nagasaki...
  16. EmperorTigerstar

    What If Atomic Weapons Were Impossible?

    What if atomic weapons of any kind were impossible to produce. Obviously WW2 would last longer and Japan would probably keep fighting until late 1946 or 1947. 1. Do you think the Soviets would attempt their own landings into Hokkaido and possibly N. Honshu and therefore cause Japan to be...
  17. K

    Atomic Germany

    According to History of the Manhatten Project - the bomb was originally planned to be used on Germany not Japan. What if the "Little Boy" bomb was ahead of schedule and was ready to be used in the European theater? Would we use it on German troops say at the Battle of the Bulge or on Berlin...
  18. B

    Pacific Theater Without the Atomic Bomb

    Another question my friends, Propose your theory of how the pacific theater of World War II would have turned out if one of the many 'Almost Deadly Accidents'(ex. Two critical masses once touched after a mishap, a scientist stepped from behind the protective lead wall and grabbed the top...
  19. Precedence

    Will the atomic bomb debate ever be resolved?

    Note: This is NOT a debate on whether the usage of atomic weapons on Japan (by the US) was morally right. This is a discussion on whether, in 100 years from now, there will be a consensus on which decision was right. Right now, the poll on the atomic weapons debate says what I generally...
  20. T

    Why didn't the USA use atomic bomb like indimidation on USSR after ww2?

    Why? They had 4 years this atomic bomb before USSR have it. So why they didn't drop it or much better to use it to control what they are fighting today to take control from Europe and save any other country from Russia influence and the bad things they did?