1. Dose

    What historically-considered war atrocities do you think were justified?

    I'm unsure myself but I'm very open to hearing different views on this topic.
  2. W

    Books/Photo Documents Concerning Atrocities During The French-Algerian War

    Hello everyone. I recently got a hold of a French propaganda brochure called “Aspects véritables de la rébellion algérienne” (Real Aspects of the Algerian Rebellion) or the “Green Book,” according to my professor. (WARNING: Link NSFW) It details the alleged atrocities committed by the FLN...
  3. L

    The Women of Hitler: Atrocities To One Side! New Laws, New Policies. Right Wing Win?

    When Adolf Hitler came to power what actions and policies toward the German women did the Nazis implement and how did these effect their lives? A desire for rebirth was strong in Germany. It was a common belief that the existing systems were failing and a new kind of society was needed...
  4. Guaporense

    Why Stalin and Mao's atrocities receive less attention than Hitler's?

    Stalin and Mao killed a comparable if not greater number of civilians than Hitler. Yet Hitler is often held up as being the most evil person ever. Why? I can think of a few causes: 1st- Hitler lost the war and so his propaganda machine stopped running after his passing while Mao and Stalin's...
  5. NBSHistory

    Human Trophy Taking in The Pacific War (WW2)

    There is very little scholarly work on this subject involving the theft of Human Skulls and Teeth during the Pacific War. U.S Marine's shipped a lot of these back through the post office as souvenirs to their loved one's. I have done a piece on it (youtube link underneath) trying to show some of...
  6. F

    Did commiting atrocities boost the morale of barbarian troops?

    When at war, didn't the orgy of atrocities against enemy non-combatants start once the Huns/Mongols/etc. finished off enemy combatants? Didn't the hordes constantly raid defenseless villages to cull and enslave men, women, and children? How morale-boosting did they find their atrocities...
  7. Azad67

    Atrocities of Sambhaji against Muslims

    This is screenshot from page 217 of book The Mughal Empire (The New Cambridge History of India)
  8. C

    Worst atrocities in ancient history?

    What are the worst atrocities and excesses committed in ancient history? It doesn't necessarily have to have a large body count. It could be the nature of the atrocity that makes it so horrible. For me it would be when Basil ll was said to have captured 15,000 prisoners and blinded 99 of every...
  9. L

    Japan glossing over it's atrocities?

    I've heard that Japan glosses over or edits out the atrocities they committed during WW2, but how bad is it? Do they just talk about it for a page or two in school? Or do they skip it entirely. Most importantly, should they be condemned for it? Don't most countries try and focus on the positive...
  10. C

    Who committed the worst atrocities the Germans or the Japanese?

    Who committed the worst atrocities the Germans or the Japanese during WW2 and the Sino Japanese War? Who displayed more cruelty and viciousness? Who was more objectively evil in their war crimes? Can we even devise some type of measurement to figure out which nation and military was more evil or...
  11. Darth Raidius

    Merciless brutality: an effective strategy?

    This thread is particularly focused on World War II, but can apply to any era in history. We all know of the brutality of the world wars, with unarmed prisoners of war being massacred in the hundreds or cities being bombed mercilessly. But were such brutal acts against civilians an effective...
  12. C

    How common were atrocities during the Vietnam War?

    I read a few articles describing a book written about crimes during the Vietnam War called "Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam" that explained using various examples that abuses and war crimes committed by US troops were the rule and not the exception. I want to know if...
  13. C

    What motivated the Japanese military to commit atrocities and war crimes during WW2?

    Whether beheading POWs, bayoneting infants, attacking hospitals, raping children, disemboweling pregnant women, burying people alive, using biological and chemical weapons, and other horrid acts, the Japanese armed forces were probably the most vicious, barbaric military during WW2, arguably...
  14. johnincornwall

    Atrocities in the War of the Alpujarra 1568-71

    An often forgotten tragedy, history books dont pay it a lot of attention. But the subject is dealt with by Ildefonso Falcones's heart-rending and well-researched epic novel 'La Mano de Fatima'. The main contemporary account was by Luis de Marmol Carvajal, who must have interviewed everyone he...
  15. Menshevik

    Prosecuting atrocities committed during war

    I've always found a certain irony in putting soldiers in dangerous and ugly situations and then expecting them to behave in a civilized manner. That's not to say that I think fighting men and women should be given carte Blanche to go around killing, raping and looting. I just wonder if a certain...
  16. johnincornwall

    Simon de Montfort atrocities at Bram

    Just reading an account of the Cathar Crusade, a subject I've dipped into now and again when it crosses Spanish History, but not expert in. Los Cataros (Zeta No Ficcion): Stephen O'Shea...
  17. Precedence

    What atrocities did the Allies commit in World War 2?

    This is not in any way to sympathize with fascist Italy, Nazi Germany or imperialist Japan but I want to steer away from the Mary Sue mentality toward history. What atrocities/war-crimes did Britain, France and other allies commit during the war?
  18. JohnnyH

    Has Japan admitted/atoned for it's WWII atrocities?

    Has Japan ever formally admitted it's role in WWII, let alone it's many sickening atrocities or even starting to pay reparations to China? 'Unit 731' was a covert network of 150 buildings (6km sq) where Japanese 'doctors' -sanctioned by their Govt- systematically perfomed horrific...
  19. JohnnyH

    The worst Roman atrocities or excesses?

    Rome had been involved in some bloody and horrific battles, sieges and campaigns, but also it's Emperors and Generals committed some cruel and sadistic acts, even by the standards of the day, according to Roman writers. So which do you view as being the 'worst'? Nero's horrific torture and...
  20. Yankee

    Allied Atrocities

    Nazism seems to be making a resurgence and the Allies are taking a beating in the PR department. I was wondering if I could get some facts straight on here. First of all, I was wondering if it reasonable to assert that the name "The Allies" is a bit of a misnomer? I mean UK/US/USSR fought the...