1. AlpinLuke

    Aliens attacked!

    [And I don't mean Mexicans] So ... all these threads about ancient aliens have made me think to a speculative scenario: aliens attacked the earth in the far past. Let's say in ancient Egyptian age. Obviously aliens would have conquered this planet. But ... to do what? This is the question...
  2. J

    British ship attacked French ship for not saluting?

    I seem to remember a historical episode from either the 17th or 18th century in which a British ship passed by a smaller French ship (with whom Britain was not at war at the time) and the French ship failed to strike its colors in salute to the larger vessel, so the British ship opened fire on...
  3. Excalibur

    Retirement home for monks attacked in France

    A gunman attacked a home for old monks and missionaries in France. 60 hostages taken and liberated later. One woman found dead. Montpellier 'terror attack': Live updates as gunman bursts into retirement home for monks and takes hostages - Mirror Online
  4. notgivenaway

    should the allies have attacked Germany in 1939 without a Phony War?

    If the British and French had attacked German ports like Bremen, Hamburg and Kiel in 1939/1940, and even invaded part of Germany before Hitler was fully mobilised, would this have averted the Fall of France and Dunkirk?
  5. Balian


  6. M

    Would have the USA entered WWII without being attacked?

    What do you think - would have the US entered the war without being attacked by Japan? The Isolationism and the Aversion towards war, after having the feeling having been wrongly intervening in Europe in WWI leads in my opinion to the conlusion that without attacking Pearl Harbor, and withoud...
  7. SSDD

    What if Genghis Khan attacked Delhi Sultanate?

    In 1221 Mongal leader Genghis Khan was chasing Khawazirom prince Mangbarni reached Punjab, then Delhi Sultan was Iltutmish, Mongborni sought asylum from Iltutmish, but Iltutmish in fear of being attacked Genghis Khan refused to grant asylum, then Mongbarni left India for Persia, Genghis Khan...
  8. H

    china kuming railway station attacked by bladers

    they wear some kind of uniforms, and kill in the crowd station till now, 28 dead here is some collection of pictures pics 1 pics 2
  9. Napoleon I

    What if Hardrada hadn't attacked?

    If Harald Hardrada and the Vikings hadn't attacked England just before William of Normandy invaded (thereby both reducing the strength of Harold Godwinson's military and causing him to disband a large number of the fyrd), would William still have conquered?
  10. Majasprat

    What if After WW2 We Attacked Russia

    I believe that Churchill supported the idea of attacking Russia after WW2 ended. What do you think would have happened if we executed his idea? We as in any allies that were willing to do it. That poses another interesting idea if Britain did try this who else do you think would help...
  11. kbear

    US embassy attacked in afghanistan

    US Embassy in Kabul Attacked on Christmas Day - ABC News i guess negotiating with terrorists isn't working out so well.:notrust: what kind of evil people attack on Christmas morning?? 6 have died, none were americans.
  12. R

    Russian embassy attacked in Warsaw

    Polish Ambassador to Russia has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry due to yesterday's outrageous acts towards the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. «Police had to use rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of violent Polish nationalist demonstrators during an Independence Day...
  13. Jake10

    Why are Chinese doctors being attacked by patients?

    If anything, medical services are improving in China, yet violence against medical staff is rising. Why?
  14. Pancho35

    Should Bonaparte have attacked Louverture?

    I was recently reading Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution by Laurent Dubois. Most of us know of course that in the late eighteenth century, the only truly successful slave revolution occurred in St. Domingue, modern day Haiti. A former slave, Toussaint Louverture...
  15. Stephy

    Embassies attacked as anti-Islam film protests widen

    I'm not really sure if this topic fits with the rules for this section if not please tell me so. As you probably all have been heard there have been several attacks on US, UK and German embassies by people in Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen and Egypt because of an anti-Islam film made in the...
  16. M

    where should have the germans attacked in march 1918?

    -where was the weakest point of the allied western front in march 1918? -where could the germans best exploit their actual numerical supremacy?
  17. K

    Why Dresden was really attacked in 1945?

    Another German city horribly firebombed in 1943 was Hamburg. Among other industries it is generally forgotten that Hamburg was home to a project by Dr Hans Martin and a chemist by the name of Dr Kuhn to develop a thermal convection Uranium centrifuge. After the war this centrifuge was...
  18. kbear

    japan attacked alaska??

    i was talking to one of my patients last night about WW 2. he has a bunch of medals on his wall so i asked him what he did. he said he was in the airforce and they "blew up an island off the alaska coast". he also said "have you ever heard of an island called iwo jima?" my jaw hit the floor when...
  19. T


    As we approach December 7th, in a days to come. I thought it would be fitting to try to get a better understanding of what caused Japan to attack the US installation to begin with. So, I'll start off by saying what I think caused it. Japan attacked China, in an effort to make them withdrawl...

    What if Poland & Russia attacked Germany 1st?

    Uncle Joe always had East Europe ambitions. Poland would get Prussia.