1. P

    August 19 1942-Dieppe -Canad's Gallipoli?

    August 19 -a day of mourning in Canada among veterans of the W.W.2 Dieppe raid called 'OPERATION JUBILEE' . In 1942 Canadian troops located in the UK were hungry for action in Europe. Enter Lord Louis Mounbatten as head of the Combined Services group who mounted raids on Nazi occupiied Europe...
  2. P

    August 1st almost upon us-Ploesti Raid

    With August 1st almost upon us we approach the anniversary of the raid BY THE U.S. 15th Air Force on the Nazi held Rumanian oil fields at Ploesti when B-24's from North African basses attacked these facilities which had loads of flak and air protection. I always think that there was an element...
  3. Futurist

    Did Germany have its ideal borders in August 1939?

    I am curious as to what your thoughts on this are--did Germany have its ideal borders in August 1939? : I mean, I would think that any rational (and non-sectarian) nationalist German leader would have been overjoyed to have German...
  4. JM1906

    Was there a war between Russia and Georgia in August 2006?

    The title says it all.
  5. P

    August 1st 1943- usaaf disaster at ploesti

    Yesterday,August 1st was the 74th anniversary of 'Operation Tidal Wave'' the USAAF's equivalent of the British Charge of the Light Brigade where despite great personal gallantry by B-24 crews from the Ninth & Eighth Air Forces flying out of Libya , attempted-on August 1st 1943 to knock out the...
  6. P

    August 19 1942-Dieppe adding insult to injury

    This comming Thursday -August 19 will mark the 74th anniversary of ''Operation Jubilee'' aka the British sponsored and mainly Canadian executed, Dieppe raid -a massive failure which even today causes bitterness in Canada because of a strong conviction that poor planing by Lord Louis...
  7. Futurist

    Japan's Emperor Meiji passes away in August 1878

    What if Japan's Emperor Meiji would have passed away in August 1878? After all, in August 1878, Emperor Meiji had no living male children and none on the way: Thus, the new Japanese Emperor would have probably been needed to...
  8. Spikey

    The Siege of Carcassonne, August 1209

    Right at the start of the Albigensian Crusade, Béziers, the first center of resistance, was stormed and the people inside were massacred. The horror of this event echoed so far and wide, that it caused everything else that happened that year to be underrated in terms of significance. What...
  9. P

    August 19 1942 -Dieppe raid anniversary

    This week - August 19 will mark that day of perpetual infamy in Canadian history 73 years ago in 1942 called ''OPERATION JUBILEE'' -THE ill -fated, planned and executed Dieppe raid which cost so many Canucks their lives. Not Dickie Mountbatten 's finest hour and in Canada many, many, people...
  10. Carolus

    August 1944: Paris and Warsaw Uprisings - similarities and differences

    August 1944 was marked by two uprisings in German-occupied countries. In both capitals of the respective states local resistance groups tried to liberate their capitals when allied forces were approaching these cities and German armies were in retreat. Read more at The Warsaw Rising: Was it all...
  11. larkin

    Hiroshima Day, August 6th,

    In the US, the attack on Pearl Harbor is never forgotten. Every year on December 7, there is an national observance of those who lost their lives. But there is another day of observance held in the rest of the world but never in the US. That is August 6, 1945. This was the day that the...
  12. Jiujitman

    The Guns of August

    So, has anyone read it? If so, what did they think of it?
  13. C

    What was the significance of the August Decrees?

    As level student here, studying the French Revolution. Thanks for the help!
  14. WeisSaul

    No August Coup and a Union of Sovereign States

    What if there hadn't been an August Coup and the Union of Sovereign States had been enacted? The USS would have included the Republics of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. Perhaps it would have looked to retake territories...
  15. Gaius Octavius

    August 19th 2014 is the 2000th anniversary of the death of Augustus

    Tempus Fugit! Augustus was the first, had longest rule, and was clearly brilliant and benign. Was he not the greatest most impactful of all the emperors? Why do you think so?
  16. B

    IDF kills teenager, August 11

    The IDF has again taken upon themselves the right to use genocide as a tool to maintain their "democracy." Is this killing of children in response to the fact that Arab Israeli's will outnumber the Jewish Israeli's by 2022? Check out the foul hasbara that Jpost is spewing, forced to tell the...
  17. E

    Gustav III's Phillipi from August 18th, 1772?

    Are there are any existing full copies of King Gustav III of Sweden's speech that was delivered to the Riksdag during his coup? I've been doing a paper on him and Swedish politics at the time, so anything else interesting that I might not be able to find up front about his coup/assassination...
  18. C

    British on Wars (years 1983- August 2001)

    From the years 1983 to 2001 (only up to August) have there been any British involvent in ongoin armed conflict (wars i.e. not cold wars, not skirmishes, not battles, but real wars)??? When? Why? Who?
  19. A

    Guns of August by Tuchman

    Just started reading Guns of August, quite amazed by her writing skills. Her description of the folly of Kaiser Wilhelm is quite amazing. Love the dialogues she reports so far. If anybody down for a group discussion, im up for it.
  20. T

    August 19 1942-canadians at dieppe

    AUGUST 19 2012-will mark the 70th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Canadian 2nd Infantry Division at Dieppe, France on August 19 1942 in what was called firstly ''Operation Rutter'' then ''Operation Jubilee''. When Canadian regiments like the Royal Regiment of Canada and the Saskatchewans...