1. Azad67

    Aurangzeb's punitive actions against Baloch tribes

    The Hot tribe The 17th century was the peak period for Hot tribe of Balochs, settled in Multan province of Mughal empire. Their chief, Ismail Hot , sent presents to Shah Jahan and secured a patron in Dara Shikoh. Taking advantage of his position on the boundary between two provinces, he now...
  2. ashfaqkinqz

    Aurangzeb The Cruel King of his times r The Great Emperor at his times

    Hi friends , Always while coming to the Auranzeb news there is always two different types of news are there +ve n -ve 1) He is very cruel and bloodshed ruler at his times , he demolished 1000 s of temples killed 1,50,000 brahmins ,converted many hindus to muslims . 2) He is great emporer at...
  3. Azad67

    Ethnic composition of Muslim nobility under Mughal emperor Aurangzeb

    Ethnic composition of Mughal nobility under Aurangzeb |
  4. Darren Singh

    Was Aurangzeb a good or a bad ruler

    Aurangzeb expanded the Mughal Empire upto its peak..He is a really brave and religious person. But he is also known for the torture of Hindus who didn't want to convert into Islam, So do, u think he was a great or a bad ruler?
  5. G

    Why did Aurangzeb not kill Shivaji in captivity

    Why did he not kill him in captivity or use him as a hostage to get Maratha territory under Mughals? Atleast the former could have been achieved. Killing Shivaji would have permanently finished off the symbol of Maratha resistance.
  6. G

    What if Dara Shikoh became the Mughal emperor instead of Aurangzeb

    What if Dara shikoh became the Mughal emperor instead of Aurangzeb? How differently would the fate have turned out to be?
  7. H

    Aurangzeb's Ban on Taziah on Muharram

    Hi Folks Mughal King Aurangzeb banned Tazias on Muharram during his reign. What was the reason ?
  8. Modest Learner

    How was Ala-ud-din Khilji able to conquer Deccan much quicker than Aurangzeb?

    Mughals under Aurangzeb were at their peak of their power. Their resources also far surpassed that of the Sultanate. Also it seemed, that Khiljis had less area than the Mughals at the start of their campaign, and they were plagued by Mongols. Mughals had none of these problems, at least not of...
  9. M

    Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb: Bad Ruler Or Bad History? .

    Of all the Muslim rulers who ruled vast territories of India from 712 to 1857 CE, probably no one has received as much condemnation from Western and Hindu writers as Aurangzeb. He has been castigated as a religious Muslim who was anti-Hindu, who taxed them, who tried to convert them, who...