1. VHS

    If megafauna thrive in the Americas and Australia

    Some may consider the relative "backwardness" of the Americas and Australia before contacts was due to lack of megafauna. Then, uses of cacao and maple syrups demonstrated that Native Americans might have their unique technologies. I enjoy drinking mixes of ashwagandha and cacao powder...
  2. Futurist

    Had the US lost its independence war, could it, Canada, Australia, and NZ united?

    If the U.S. would have lost its war of independence and thus remained under British rule, could the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have eventually united into one country? After all, they would have had a lot in common--being British settler colonies, being historically White, being...
  3. B

    G'day from Australia

    Hi all, I'm a 57 year old bloke. I was searching for information about a direct ancestor who was an officer in the Battle at Marston Moor. This is how came across this forum which is so informative on such a broad range of topics and I love it. Having a liking towards history, I will be able to...
  4. H

    How common were wars between Aboriginal tribes in Australia and how bloody were they?

    There is a large collection of evidence that suggests Aboriginal Australians went to war with each other from cave paintings of battles to the discovery of wooden shields. While the fact that they went to war is undisputed, I want to know how common these wars were and how bloody did they get...
  5. Millennium

    Why didn’t Austronesian spread to Australia?

    Why didn’t Austronesian, as well as Asian Cultures, spread to Australia? & why didn’t Austronesian spread around Mainland Asia? Like they did with SE Asia? Austronesian is the second largest language family in the world at 1,257 languages, second only to the Niger-Congo language...
  6. A

    Hello from mid north South Australia

    Hi to all my fellow history enthusiasts. I only came across this forum by accident, but decided to join when I found it an active discussion place for all things historical. Glad to see it hasn't gone the way of so many other forums since social media has taken off. About me: obviously a keen...
  7. specul8

    Who would have settled Australia if not ...

    ... the British ( or the French ) . When and how? What dynamics and occurrences in other places might have driven this, and why ? What would Australia have offered them; there seemed to be no trade available, the natives were not adorned with gold or precious metals, they didn't trade...
  8. specul8

    Australia, a French colony ?

    During the European explorations around Australia, just before British settlements, there were some minor interactions between the British and the French . The French were interested, made a few visits over time and looking around in various places , they were keeping an eye on British...
  9. specul8

    Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for a minimum of 65,000 years

    Sydney Morning Herald - JULY 20 2017 - 8:55AM Aboriginal archaeological discovery in Kakadu rewrites the history of Australia (Extract) Jabiru, Northern Territory: Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for a minimum of 65,000 years, a team of archaeologists has established - 18,000...
  10. P

    Australia 1967 Referendum - Aborigines

    Currently studying the 1967 Australia Referendum and the impact it had on Aborigines. Basically what I know from general knowledge is that it included them in the census and enabled the government to make laws. When looking in depth what would this mean for the Aborigines eg - allowed for more...
  11. A

    Did Australia provide the majority of allied forces in the Pacific until late 1943?

    While there is no doubt that American forces proved the deciding factor in the Allies winning the war in the Pacific, I have read several times that more Australian land forces were in combat in the Pacific than American land forces all the way until late 1943. I know there was a huge build...
  12. A

    World War Two Australian Militia battalions transferring to AIF control

    The role of Australian militia battalions in World War Two changed on the 19th February 1943, when the Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act was passed. Commonly known as the Militia Bill, it defied the area by which those units could be stationed. It also allowed for Militia units to pass to...
  13. LatinoEuropa

    Discovery of Australia

    Discovery of Australia. By Portuguese (in 1522, by Cristóvão de Mendonça and in 1525 by Gomes de Sequeira) The main evidence for these undeclared visits was the discovery of two Portuguese cannons sunk off Broome Bay on the northwest coast of Australia. The typology of these pieces of artillery...
  14. H

    Hi from Australia and History's Page

    Hey Guys, My name is Cody and I am the founder of the History's Page Website and Community. I love History and want to help out on this forum! Cheers, Cody
  15. VHS

    If the Polynesians took over Australia.

    The Polynesians might be relatively backwards in comparison with the Chinese civilization, but they were substantially more advanced than Australian aborigines. What if Polynesians took over continental Australia?
  16. The Living Daylights

    1975 Australian Constitutional Crisis Who was right in this? Do you think that Kerr was justified in dismissing Whitlam? Do you believe that Whitlam would've inevitably attempted to get the Queen to cancel Kerr's commission as the Governor-General? What other...
  17. B

    Why so few natives in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand?

    Were there few to start with or was it British policy to kill them off?
  18. RomanEmperor

    Native Treatment in Australia compared to NZ

    Why was colonization not devastating for the Maori in NZ, but it was for the Aboriginis in Australia? If anything the Maori were worse because they drove several species to extinction before Europeans even arrived.
  19. S

    Greetings from Australia

    Good day, My name is Sam and I am a student of history. Found this fantastic website to which I hope I can contribute to and learn from. I am an aviator and regularly fly in a Jabiru 120C (LSA) and am interested in linguistics as well. I hope to get to know the people on this forum! Sam
  20. WhatAnArtist

    Books about Australia's involvement in the Middle East during World War 1?

    As an Australian we're woefully short on our own history, so we gotta take what we can get, and our involvement in the World Wars is about as far as we come in terms of having a substantial impact on anything globally. While in our schools and media we're bombarded with stories about the ANZAC...