1. A

    Australian Megafauna: Impacts on Soils

    I am hoping someone here has a particular interest in the Australian megafauna. I have next to no knowledge of the subject (far closer to ‘no’ than ‘next’, lol). I am keen to know especially if the Australian continent ever had migratory herds and what impact they had on...
  2. Kookaburra Jack

    Dark Emu: Precolonial Australian native society - agricultural or hunter-gatherer? ‘Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might...
  3. decebalus

    Why were the Aboriginal Australians persecuted so much?

    Why were the Aboriginal Australians persecuted so much in the past and to this day they have much less rights than American Indians and live in far worse conditions?
  4. H

    What would an Australian squatter drink with breakfast?

    Hello, This is my first post here. I'm an Australian authur currently writing a series of novels set in the Blue Mountains in the 1850's. What I'm wondering is, what would well to do settler's (those wealthy enough to employ servants) typically have for breakfast and what drink would...
  5. A

    World War Two Australian Militia battalions transferring to AIF control

    The role of Australian militia battalions in World War Two changed on the 19th February 1943, when the Defence (Citizen Military Forces) Act was passed. Commonly known as the Militia Bill, it defied the area by which those units could be stationed. It also allowed for Militia units to pass to...
  6. AustralianKing

    Aboriginal Australian Warfare

    This thread is dedicated to warfare in Aboriginal Australian society. This first photo is showing a "Nulla Nulla" or "Waddy" was a war club used in combat between various tribes or punishments on their own who broke tribal law. Next weapon is a simple spear, but Aboriginal Australians...
  7. AustralianKing

    Aboriginal Australian resistance Against the British

    I've heard the Aboriginal Australians were more effective than most think at guerrilla warfare. Is this true? cheers.
  8. The Living Daylights

    1975 Australian Constitutional Crisis Who was right in this? Do you think that Kerr was justified in dismissing Whitlam? Do you believe that Whitlam would've inevitably attempted to get the Queen to cancel Kerr's commission as the Governor-General? What other...
  9. G

    Why did neither America nor Australia assimilate their indigenous population?

    I know reluctance, segregation, disease etc. are short term reasons... Yet, can one assume that the immigrant European population had the means to progressively adapt and integrate its indigenous population to society? If so, then why wasn't this EVER managed? I also remember a snap from NG...
  10. schmitt trigger

    During WW2 did Australian forces fought against German ones?

    To avoid hijacking the thread "ANZAC day" I'm opening a new one. My question arose when one poster in this thread mentioned that an Aussie PM almost unilaterally declared war on Germany when Britain did, bringing widespread criticism at home. Thus............... I know that Australian forces...
  11. H

    Why were Australian Aborigines So Primitive?

    I know that "primitive" is very subjective but bluntly speaking, why were they so simple compared to other people around the world. The only explanation I've ever been given was isolation. However there have been many isolated populations around the world including Native Americans. However most...
  12. R

    Top 10 Australian Films

    1. Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) -- Weir 2. Breaker Morant (1980) -- Beresford 3. The Road Warrior (1981) -- Miller 4. Wake In Fright (1971) -- Kotcheff 5. Gallipoli (1981) -- Weir 6. My Brilliant Career (1979) -- Armstrong 7. Shine (1996) -- Hicks 8. The Year of Living...
  13. P

    Australian War Memorials 1914-1919

    Why are there some Australian War memorials inscribed 1914-1919? I've noticed the occasional one with this 1914-1919 rather than 1914-1918 dates. two theories. (a) Something to do with Australian participation in the intervention in Russia in 1919. (b) It's when the troops came home. Maybe...
  14. A

    Pic: Australian soldier watches Japanese soldier kill himself with grenade

    Japanese soldier about to commit suicide with a grenade against his head while an Australian soldier watches (New Guinea, December 18, 1942) Four of them were running away, swimming to escape – three were shot by the Australian, the fourth one surrendered and was coming back before he killed...
  15. weezer17

    Definitive Australian history books

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for an extensive book of Australian history from prehistory to colonization to present. Textbooks or multi-volume collections would be great if you know of any, but "ordinary" books are fine, too. :) I'm thinking about moving to Australia someday and thought it would be...
  16. Y

    Australian and similar equivalents of Canada's Force C in WWII in Hong Kong

    If there was a group of Canadian soldiers called Force C stationed in Hong Kong during World War II (from 1941) alongside British and Indian soldiers, what were the Australian, New Zealand, or South African equivalents in terms of being stationed in far-off British garrisons during WWII (and...
  17. N

    Australian Teacher

    Hey guys, I am a teacher from Australia. I have been looking to expand my own skills but also share any wisdom I may have. I even have my own website: History Skills - History Handbook Online I look forward to learning from fellow History teachers around the world!
  18. diddyriddick

    A relic for our Australian members.
  19. E

    Australian civilisation?

    Could it have been possible that there was perhaps some kind of agricultural civilisation in australia before the europeans arrived? would it also have been possible that people from new guinea traded with abogionies?
  20. cachibatches

    Australian Aboriginals in early America? Is this just crank "science?"

    Forgive my ignorance. I have always heard the Bering Straight theory of the populating of America, and I can't stand Pre-Columbian contact nonsense. But I do remember reading something about his many years back, and this documentary seems somewhat credible on its face. So what happened to...