1. Shtajerc

    Looking for an Austrian regiment

    Hello everyone, I'd need some assistance in my search. I'm looking for a unit (presumably regiment) of the Austrian imperial army or Austrian-Hungarian army that would recruit soldiers from Southern Carinthia and would have at least part of it stationed in Moravia or at the Moravian border. The...
  2. Incendio

    Looking for books about Austrian Succession War

    I am not historian but 18th century military history fascinates me, especially in Europe. Can you recommend me please a good book covering Austrian Succession War and if possible any of its battles: Fontenoy, Dettingen, Bassignana?
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    Austrian Union with Germany 1918

    I've been reading a book about Austria in which it states that a meeting between the Austrian and German Emperors concluded with a pledge to form a union between the two; in which there would be a joint military and customs union. This would have effectively turned Austria into a puppet state...
  4. B

    Stereotypes of the Germans of German Empire and Austrian Empire

    In the early 20th century how where the Germans of the German Empire and the Germans of the Austrian Empire viewed? Where the stereotypes of both groups similar or quite different?
  5. Johnny J

    Did the Germans care that Hitler was Austrian?

    I have heard that he was sometimes called the "Austrian Corporal" but did it not bother the majority of Germans that Hitler was Austrian by birth? I thought the Germans would have found it slightly strange that they were being ruled by someone who was not German.
  6. D

    Austrian and Hungarian troops (WW1)

    Hello.Did the Austrian and Hungarian troops participate during the WW1 at some battles in France ? Thank you.
  7. cachibatches

    Noric Steel- the Romans got their steel from Austrian Celts

    I had always heard that they imported their steel from India, the famous Wootz steel, but apparently, they got some of it from within the empire. There are two mountains in Austria, one at Eisenertz, Styria and one in Huttenberg, Carinthia, where the locals quarried iron ore and converted it...
  8. P

    Girandoni air rifle, Austrian 1780.

    Came across this and intrigued. Anyone known anything about this rifle and it's effectiveness? 20 shots , high rate of fire, no smoke. bUt what was it's hitting power? Apparently used by Lewis and Clarke expedition as well.
  9. I

    Why did Napoleon not break up the Austrian Empire?

    First time posting so please don't crucify me if this has already been discussed at great length elsewhere :smile1: I just don't understand why he didn't. The Austrians were ever a thorn in the side of the French and were one of the premier powers of Europe. Napoleon defeated them time and...
  10. Sobo

    Austrian foreign minister: close down med / abolish geneva convention nonsense...

    I fully agree with the new plan from Sebastian Kurz regarding the mediterranean route. He closed down the Balkan this spring and i´m very thankful for that. His new plan for the mediterranean sea is perfect as well. He plans to adopt the australian model All boats will be stopped on high sea...
  11. Pelagonian

    Austrian far-right Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer triumphs in presidential election

    Austrian far-right Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer triumphs in presidential election - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Austrian far-right Freedom Party's Norbert Hofer triumphs in presidential election Austria's anti-immigration far-right has triumphed in the first round of...
  12. P

    The result of Peter the Great never being Great

    Now, first, I'm an US american with very little education behind European History beyond standard US education, so I'm not that educated, but on the other hand I do have a lot of european friends who've been helping me out on this, so I think I understand half of what I'm saying. Please correct...
  13. M

    Austrian Painter

    Looking for information on Viktor Scharf II. Info on the web is scant. References I've seen elsewhere call him "prominent," and yet... ca. 1872-1943 Moved from Europe to Argentina after WWI, died in Argentina. I have seen quite a few of his paintings on the web. He did paint Pope Pious XI...
  14. Y

    Austrian Habsburgs, Catholic Church, Protestant Church

    Hello. What was the relationship between the Austrian Habsburgs, Catholic Church and Protestant Church, especially at the beginning of the 17th century in middle Europe? Here are some wiki links: House of Habsburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
  15. C

    Austrian History Essay

    I am currently writing an essay for an essay competition organised by the Austrian Embassy in Ireland. The Essay is in German and is called "Österreich ist Frei!" Wer waren die politischen Schlüsselfiguren dahinter?. I am writing about Leopold Figl, Julius Raab and Molotov. I am wondering if I...
  16. WeisSaul

    Effect of a Germanized Austrian Empire

    Emperor Joseph II tried to institute a Germnization policy in the Hapsburg Empire and to make German the official language rather than (neutral) Latin. Historically this backfired and he back off. What if the policy had been successful and large swathes of the Empire had been Germanized? I've...
  17. Shtajerc

    A few questions about Austrian and Austrian-Hungarian cavalry

    I have a few questions related with the cavalry units of the Austrian Empire and later Austria-Hungary. When did dragoons became strictly Austrian (Austrian half of the empire) units and hussars strictly Hungarian (Hungarian half of the empire) units? With the occurance of dualism or already...
  18. Warehouse

    Best Austrian general.

    Simply put, who was the best officer to serve the Habsburgs? Slavs and Hungarians count as well of course. I partly made this thread to figure how polls work on this site, let's hope I don't mess it up.
  19. Slavon

    Early Austrian empire censuses

    Have somebody links on results of some censuses in Austrian Empire in XVIII century? I am interesting in data on ethnic structure of population of cities, villages and counties.
  20. czarnian

    Medieval austrian painting depicting bulgarians in battle?

    Hi guys, the question at hand is about this "painting" (fresco) Master of the Saint Lambrecht Votive Altarpiece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to this site: - Master Saint Lambrecht(Hans von Tuebingen). Victory of Ludwig I the Great the "painting" represents...