1. larkin

    Germany, 1933 to 1944. What did the average German think?

    After the tumultuous decade of the 20's, a call for law and order was to be expected. What they got was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an orator and a charismatic. He promised to make Germany great again and avenge injustices of the past. Of course most of us know what happened. My question to...
  2. T

    Average human IQ going down

    https://www.amren.com/news/2014/08/iq-scores-are-decreasing-and-some-experts-argue-its-because-humans-have-reached-their-intellectual-peak/ Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing | Daily Mail Online IQs have largely increased since the 1930s thanks to better living conditions...
  3. Karl XII

    Who was the most average military commander in history?

    We've had dozens upon dozens of threads about the best/greatest/smartest/most talented military commanders of all time but I doubt there's been one like this. Im looking for somebody who was neither good nor bad, just amazingly average.
  4. WhatAnArtist

    What would the average, peaceful day of a king or emperor be like?

    Assuming it's peacetime and there are no pressing diplomatic emergencies to resolve, what would a king or emperor do to fill up their day, during, say, the medieval era? What were the expectations that other people in the court had of him? Are there any contemporary sources that detail what the...
  5. M

    Average generation

    Genealogical and historical researchers often use an average span between generations to calculate the probability of a suggested relationship between two persons. But of course a big problem with that approach is the possibility that the length of generations between two relatives might not be...
  6. S

    average disabled U.. vet.

    new...just to ay greetings:huh:
  7. PRS

    Average life of a Roman

    I'm helping out a guy in another forum. I need to know what are the original sources for the life of the average man in Republican Rome.
  8. T

    Average life in the Eastern Roman Empire?

    Am 18 year old single male who is Orthodox Christian from a long line of Romans in the eastern Roman Empire during the most glorious reign of Basil I of the Makedon dynasty. What can I expect my life to be like? How educated would I be? Would I serve in the thematic army? Who would I marry and...
  9. C

    How many small arms and catridges did Soviet factories produce on average in WW2?

    How many small arms and cartridges did Soviet factories produce on average in WW2? During the war the USSR produced 30 million small arms including 12 million rifles and 40 billion cartridges. My question is out of the 1,000+ arms/munitions factories they had behind the Urals and in Central...
  10. C

    How many people were dying daily on average at Auschwitz?

    How many people were dying daily on average in the duration that the Auschwitz extermination camp was active?
  11. C

    How much ammunition did an average Soviet infantry division use in a month in WW2?

    What was the ammo expenditure for an average Soviet infantry division on the Eastern Front in say a month of fighting? When I say ammo I mean both artillery and small arms.
  12. L

    Hitler: Political genius or opportunistic average guy who got lucky?

    What do you guys think? We all know that Hitler was a military idiot, but was Hitler great at politics? Or was he just an average guy who got lucky and had incredibly competent subordinates to cover up his failures?
  13. C

    The average Heer soldier vs the average Red Army soldier.

    Who was of better quality and had a better performance in the war between Nazi Germany and the USSR? Who was a better soldier overall between an average frontline German army infantryman and an average frontline Red Army infantryman? Pound for pound who was more effective between the two? Who...
  14. B

    Average Height of East Asian men in the 1930s

    The following data was compiled by Japanese 'scientists' 1. Korea: Northern Provinces (Today's North Korea): 166.0cm Central Provinces (Near Seoul): 163.3 cm Southern Provinces: 162.5 cm Tallest Province: HamKyong 166.7cm Shortest Province: Chungchung 161.74cm 2. Mongolians Kalkas: 165.4...
  15. T

    Average loss rate of the Roman army 1st BCE to 1st CE

    Any idea on what was the average loss rate of the Romans per year during that peiod as expressed either in total men or in % of the total legion strength ? And how it evolved over time (got better or worse ?)
  16. Salah

    The Holocaust and the 'average' German

    From what reading I've done, it seems this is and will always remain a controversial topic. To what extent were the 'average people' of Nazi Germany aware of the Holocaust, and to what extent did they support Nazi anti-Semitism? I'm reading a book about the Holocaust, and just uncovered a...
  17. Q

    How did the average non-hakka Chinese think of the Taiping?

    I'm wondering how the average non-hakka Chinese would've felt during the Taiping rebellion. Any ideas?
  18. Brisieis

    Clothing of the average citizen

    In which part of the world did the average citizen have the best type of clothing. To define best I mean cosmetically and quality wise. In particular I am interested in ancient history and the middle ages, but any era will do if you have knowledge to share. Any images posted would be great...
  19. Ashiusx

    Did Napoleon Bonaparte make the life of the average person better?

    Did the Napoleon's policies and laws employed make the life of his average subject better or worse before his rule?
  20. jeroenrottgering

    What was the average German wehrmacht soldiers's view towards serving Nazi-Germany?

    I always wondered how did the average Wehrmacht soldier thought about serving a regime this evil? Im not talking about SS or SD or any other branch, but about the Wehrmacht. The regular soldier sort of speaking. My grandfather who is still alive considered the average German soldier stationed in...