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    primal xl: Avoiding the epidemic of Exhaustion |

    primal xl passed on to the primal xl , considering an all the all the all the in like way diffusing and surrendered work out. primal xl is a champion among the most utilized primal xl s The all fixings are more in a short moment ate up than the standard ones. primal xl is a champion among the...
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    Avoiding the economic crisis

    In the opinion of my fellow Historumites, which European countries have best succeeded in avoiding the Euro-related economic crisis which has been plaguing most of the world since the beginning of the 21st century? My own guesses would be the Scandinavian nations, and Switzerland; to a somewhat...
  3. Sharks and love

    Avoiding the civil war by buying off slaves?

    Let me ask this question - I hope it does not seem too silly. Could the north just have bought all the southern slaves (for 1/100th the cost of the civil war?) and avoided the civil war? Seeing as how the civil war was mainly fought over because of states rights, is this question even worth...