1. R

    Were the fruits of the sexual revolution good or bad?

    Were the fruits of the sexual revolution of the 60s good or bad on Western society as a whole, has the loosening of sexual mores compared to the 50s resulted in negative consequences in terms of single parent hood and higher divorce rates? Is shift to a hookup culture Vs. long term monogamous...
  2. Constantine V

    Philip V of Macedon underrated or bad?

    Just wanting to see what the community thinks. I presonally beilieve he was prettu incompetent.
  3. Constantine V

    Philip V of Macedon underrated or bad?

    On my other post Markdienekes posted that Philip V was underrated. I just dont see how. He seems pretty underwhelming but if someone can elaborate why he would be underrated.
  4. Lucius

    Is the decline of the West really all that bad?

    Is the decline of the West really all that bad?
  5. C

    Was Russian dominion over Eastern Europe really that bad?

    I'm not talking about the mass rapes the Red Army committed or the Holodomor Stalin created on Ukraine. Long before the Russian Revolution of 1918, the rise to power of the Bolsheviks and the creation of the Soviet Union, Russians already had a bad reputation among their Eastern European...
  6. S

    How would you respond to these ignorant claims about African history and bad culture?

    So some moron recently told me this on Trump's shithole comments, his reason why he thinks they are shitholes is due to culture: "The truth is, neither is a positive thing to say, but I think what Trump was getting at is that these countries are unstable and have some bad cultural aspects but...
  7. Princess Of Manchester

    Were The Borgias All That Bad?

    Were The Borgias All That Bad?
  8. M

    How bad was Fidel Castro compared to other latin american dictators?

    Latin America are known to have had many dictators and the most famous/infamous one is probably Fidel Castro. I have heard several different perspectives on Castro. The american propaganda has portrayed him as a ruthless tyrant who violently toppled the government of a successful and prospering...
  9. jameen

    How do the Chinese drive away bad spirits when gun powder is not yet discovered?

    What are the things that the ancient Chinese do in order to drive the bad spirits when gunpowder is not yet discovered so automatically they are no fire crackers and fireworks yet?
  10. C

    Dry bad that divides Indus and Ganga River Systems.

    Namaskar, i have noticed that there is a Dry Bad/ Land that divides both Indua and Ganga river system and works as a wall between two different geographical Entities. claimate is also different from Indus and ganga land also thinly populated compared to Both Indua and Ganga plains. can...
  11. notgivenaway

    Why was Aethelred the Unready a bad king?

    I think the reality of it is more complex than he was incompetent, and not as good as Athelstan, Edmund, or his father Edgar the Peaceful. By his time, there was less distinction between English/Anglo-Saxon and Norse. It was over 100 years after the Great heathen Army invaded, and a couple of...
  12. Iwan

    Was that really that bad being a serf?

    Very many feel being a serf as some disaster for a human being. But difference between level of life of a serf and free peasant wasn't that big and not always to benefit of free peasant. There are know cases in Russia when a serf didn't want to buy his freedom. Look, both serf and free peasant...
  13. F

    Explanations. good, tioo good and bad.

    Is not a discussion like this of much relevance to history, since it is rarely only descriptive but almost always involve at least an element or attempt to explain events and change. And I admit this post is provoked, though by another debate another place, where I saw what I see as an example...
  14. RidiculousName

    How to Tell a Good Study From a bad Study

    I recently took a class in technical writing. Besides making me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spork, it showed me how to use my college library's search function online. There I found a great deal of academic studies proving that video-games cause violence, and just as many proving they...
  15. F

    Bad & Worse oppressors: homogeneous VS semi-foreign VS foreign

    Why did some ethnic Ukrainian survivors of the Holodomor - after they found out that the Nazis/Germans were as atrocious as the Soviets/Russians - choose to fight for the Soviets/Russians against the Nazis/Germans? Was it because the Nazis/Germans were considered ethnically and culturally more...
  16. notgivenaway

    Is a President Le Pen that bad?

    Her policies don't seem that bad to me imho. Nothing racist or discriminatory. She wants to curb immigration, which is normal, and stimulate the economy. France has needed some economic reform for a while, maybe she is the one to deliver it.
  17. Andronikos

    Does patriarchy bring more good or more bad for society?

    Friends, Much has been said about patriarchy in philosophy, biology, literature, and elsewhere. Let us think beyond the word and the term; let us consider the notion in itself, according to observation, experience, examination, and evidence. My question is brief and succinct: does patriarchy...
  18. Y

    Inquisition: role of state and church

    I thought creating this thread not to discuss this or that particular kind of Inquisition but the role of the state and church throughout the history of the Inquisition or even prior, in the fight of heresies, a role which seems to be often neglected as far as the state is concerned. I start...
  19. DaveK

    How bad was exile, really?

    This post really spans Ancient and Early Medieval history, but belongs more in this category than the other. List of Roman Exiles List of Greek Exiles There's no ready list of...